November 7, 2016

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  • No one here has adjusted to Daylight Savings time and I guess that is fine since we did start our morning a bit earlier than usual. This probably helped Reagan with her school since she was finished by 10 this morning.
  • Keaton headed off to school and Whitman to Nonna's house. Then everyone did start on their school. Once Graham realized that Reagan was finished with her school, he quickly threw a pile of papers at me. When checking them, as I always do, I realized that 95% of his math was wrong. That boy-I guess he thought that today I wouldn't check it. He had to do it all over again so he didn't finish as soon as he thought that he would.
  • Anderson was slow and steady in his work today-he doesn't seem to mind when he is the last one finished and never seems to get in a hurry on his school work, even though I often wish that he would. We did our together work before lunch and then had lunch.
  • During lunch, we are reading the book Pollyanna. I almost started crying as I was reading today pages. We are just in the first couple of chapters so maybe things will start looking up for the girl. After lunch, we had quite a few chores and the kids knocked them out fairly quickly. Now when I say chores, I don't mean big things-just a bunch of little items to do. All of these would already be done if my people would just pick up after themselves.
  • Soon Keaton and Whitman were home and the kids played outside for a bit. Then the girls started on painting something for their room. Whitman also had a craft project since we are already getting ready for Christmas around here.
  • When Robby came home, we soon loaded up the car and headed to Chick Fil A to eat our supper. Graham is the one who asked if we could walk around the new mall for a bit after we ate and imagine his surprise when Robby said yes. So we walked around the mall and even stopped for some cinnamon rolls before heading home.
  • Once we were home, the kids had showers and then they had a minute to watch a movie and the girls colored some before bed.

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