November 4, 2016

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  • We snoozed as long as we could this morning but we finally had to get up and start our morning. Robby had read an article about a boiled egg diet so I had boiled him a few eggs yesterday. (Now, I knew that he wasn't too serious about the diet since eating 6 boiled eggs a day seems a bit excessive.) I did offer the eggs to the kids and Reagan and Campbell were the only takes that I had.
  • After Robby left, the rest of us started on school. Since this was our 4th day of school this week, things were a bit lighter-we didn't have to do spelling and that made me happy. I had time to do a few little things this morning while still schooling the kiddos. 
  • We worked together and then I started on lunch. I finished off my corn chowder and burned the mess out of the roof of my mouth. It was worth it though-I wasn't too crazy about the soup when we first had it but after eating it for my lunch the last few days, it has grown on me.
  • After we had finished lunch, we all worked on chores for a bit. This shouldn't have taken too long but when Graham had finished with school, he, Keaton (who quickly finished her preschool pile of stuff to do) and Campbell (who was avoiding her work) went upstairs and pulled all of the mattress off of the floor. Why? I do not know, I will never know what those people are thinking!
  • This afternoon, we didn't do a whole lot but when it was almost 4, the girls decided that they wanted to make cookies. I am glad that wanted to cook and all but gracious, those girls could not pick a recipe for anything at all. Campbell did not want oatmeal and Reagan did not want peanut butter. I really wanted them to try something new but they ended up making snickerdoodles which is one of Robby's favorites.
  • When the cookies were made, the girls migrated down the street to the neighbors house. The boys were there too. They are celebrating one of the neighbor boy's birthday so the boys are getting to spend the night there. They were crazy excited about this.
  • The girls and Whitman went with us to the Wilsons house tonight. Shannon had supper for us. The adults tried to eat quietly before the kids noticed that we were eating. Unfortunately and as we had guessed, they quickly found their way downstairs to the kitchen. 
  • We stayed late making plans for crafting nights and cabin trips-or maybe just Shannon and I were making the plans and the boys were trying to ignore us.

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