November 18, 2016

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  • Since it was Friday morning, we weren't in too much hurry. We still had our school work to do but it was Friday. It really wouldn't have taken much for someone to convince me for us to skip school this morning. No one tried though so after our breakfast, we started on school.
  • I did skip science and history today which are two subjects that we are woefully behind on. Reagan has finished her handwriting book (mainly because we did it daily on our big trip) so at least we will finish that this year!
  • Before we started on lunch, I worked with the kids and we finished chores. I knew that the kids were anxious to go outside despite the dreary weather so I made sure we finished the chores. As soon as lunch was over, they asked to go outside. The sky was growing darker and darker so I told them that if there was thunder or lightening that would need to come inside.
  • Poor babies had not been outside for 2 minutes when boom when the thunder. They all dutifully came back inside and waited out the rainstorm. As soon as the rain became a drizzle, everyone but Reagan and Whitman headed outside. They neighbors couldn't come out so my people worked on their leaf race track (they raked leaves in a trail to form a race track around the yard.)
  • They did come back in when they got cold. I passed out popcorn and hot chocolate and they spend the rest of the afternoon watching movies. When Robby came home, we dozed on the couch before finally deciding what to have for supper.
  • We heated up mashed potatoes, meatloaf and bread for supper. It was not a hit at all! Ha! Poor Anderson could hardly choke down a bite of meatloaf and even my meat eater Reagan said that this was her least favorite meat ever. Whitman gagged on the mashed potatoes. It was a good thing that we had left over cupcakes to end the supper on. (Robby and I thought the meatloaf was fine.)
  • After we cleaned up, we started a movie-Pollyanna. We are reading the book and needed a long movie for this Friday evening. It was indeed long and pretty good. At least the parts I saw were pretty good. Robby napped through the movie but so did Whitman and I who were cuddled up on the couch. It was a cozy end to a cool Friday.

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