November 15, 2016

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  • Even though we woke up about the normal time, I was scrambling this morning to get Keaton and Whitman ready. It didn't help any that I decided that Whitman should probably put on his clothes by himself instead of me helping him and this morning should be the time that we work on that. Then he told me that he wanted cereal, poptart, applesauce, muffin and a banana for breakfast. I managed to get him a poptart, cereal and banana but we did have to forgo the applesauce and muffin and he was not happy about that.
  • The rest of us had a smaller breakfast than Whitman. The kids worked on their school and everyone did pretty well this morning. Reagan and Graham did have a disagreement about the piano-Reagan was practicing this morning and singing her heart out and Graham was not pleased about the noise she was making. So he pulled out his guitar and began having a jam session of his own. 
  • We worked together around 11 and then had a quick lunch followed by chores. Then the real excitement started-3 Dennie kids have snack at CBS tomorrow (Whitman had his snack today at school, Keaton had to take apples today for her Thanksgiving Feast and Whitman takes cheese for his feast tomorrow.) Graham had been asked to make some type of snack about Africa since his teacher is returning from there. We made brownies with a M&M outline of the continent on them. Then Reagan started to work on her big chocolate cookie and Anderson and I made chocolate covered popcorn. 
  • So most of my afternoon was spent in the kitchen. I eventually moved on to the living room to start taping for our evening of painting. The kids played with the neighbors and were in and out all afternoon long. The neighbors did have to go home just a few minutes before Robby, Keaton and Whitman came home. 
  • Robby went right to work on moving furniture and more painting prep while I prepared supper and fed the kids. I ate some with them and then they went of to the showers and then to watch a movie. We worked for about 2 and a half hours painting the other half of the living room. And fortunately, we don't have enough paint to work on the kitchen!
  • We finished just at bedtime and then tucked the kids in. They were all wound up tonight-Whitman told the boys that he wanted 10 animals in his bed and they helped him out which didn't help with anyone in that room going to bed. The girls were just as wound up down the hall but right now, everything seems quiet.

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