November 16, 2016

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  • I am just not sure what is happening with us getting up in the morning. I know that I sound like a broken record but we used to wake up before the kids and now, goodness gracious it is like we are teenagers. Now, it probably didn't help that we were up until 1 last night. We had painted earlier in the evening but when it was time to go to bed, we decided that we should check for spots and pull off the tape. That took a bit longer than we had anticipated so it was rather late when we turned in.
  • We were still able to get to Bible study on time and I still did have time to eat my Wednesday morning bagel (my favorite part of Wednesdays). We didn't really have time to do anything else before we left though.
  • The kids all carried in their 3 snacks-my favorite was Anderson's who came back with over a half a bag of his popcorn leftover. Graham's teachers raved about his brownie with an M&M Africa on top and Reagan's cookie was surprisingly delicious. 
  • Whitman was sitting at the table in his room when I picked him up. His teacher said that he must be tired because he had a hard time during music. Now, she did say that about him which of course meant he was not at all the best during music but she went on with how well he did during craft and story, how he usually does good in music and he is the best helper when it is time to pick up the toys. Seriously, I love the teachers at CBS.
  • We met Jodee at the park and had Noah with us. The kids played for a good while and then we headed home. I wasn't home for too long when I had to leave for a check up from my kidney stones. I was gone until 5 so Robby was in charge of the crew.
  • The kids played inside, outside and even down the street. When I arrived home, I scooped up the soup and we all ate before loading up and heading to church. Everyone was tired and hungry when we came home from church so we did have a drink after our turkey lesson.
  • Nonna, Pops and Jason had come over to give me a turkey lesson on how to cook our big bird for tomorrow. Pops made it look easy and Campbell took notes for her to tell everyone tomorrow how we did it....and I have some lunch meat in the fridge just in case!

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