November 14, 2016

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  • We weren't moving very fast this morning but Keaton had school so we needed to be moving a little faster. I was going to heat up muffins and pull out the yogurt but before I could do that, poptarts were being passed out.
  • Keaton left for school, Whitman left for Nonna's house and Robby left for work. Keaton had a good day at school and even came home with a birthday present from one of her friends-she has had the birthday that will just never end! Whitman read books all morning long with Nonna and never even thought about watching tv.
  • Back at home, the rest of us started on school. We had a pretty good day-unfortunately, I just have to stay on top of everyone about doing their work well and not just getting by. The boys are much worse about that than the girls but hopefully they will grow out of it, maybe.
  • It was around 12:30 when we finally did lunch. Then we all worked together to knock out our morning chore list. I worked on supper for tonight and then straightened a few things before Keaton and Whitman came home with Nonna and Pops.
  • As soon as Nonna and Pops were about to leave, we saw the neighbor boy outside and Nonna and Pops were able to experience the mass exodus that I talk about. If you are standing in between the kids and the doorway, you could be trampled. They all played outside until it was dark enough for me to turn on all of the lights so they could find their way home.
  • We threw them in the showers and soon the Wilsons arrived for supper. I went with Shannon to take Brett to basketball practice on the other side of town. When we made it back, it was time to eat. Robby had been having to hold the kids back from the soup and was thankful that he had some cheese and crackers for them to munch on while they waited on us.
  • We ate and even had some apple pie and ice cream while the kids watched a movie. When it was time for them to go and pick up Brett, Whitman really wanted to ride with them. When they did come home, Robby was carrying Whitman who was sound asleep-he had a big day and was just exhausted. 
  • When the Wilsons left, we scurried the kids into bed and then we sat down to work on a few things before heading to bed ourselves.

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