November 26, 2016

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  • Robby and I were sleeping pretty soundly when Anderson and Campbell came in with breakfast for us-raisin bran for me and pop tarts for Robby. I thanked them and then told them that they could get their breakfast now. When Anderson heard this, he said, "that is what we hoped you would say."
  • Robby rolled over and went back to sleep but I ate my raisin bran and then wen back to sleep myself for a minute or two. We then talked about us all going shopping this morning but decided that I would just go and run a few errands. 
  • After that, it didn't take too long for me to get ready and head out. I ended up going to 4 different stores and spent just 30 dollars and that was mostly a just for fun purchase. My shopping trip was a real bust (Robby would disagree and say that my shopping trip was perfect since I didn't spend too much.)
  • While I was shopping, I saw Reagan and Grannymom who were also out shopping. They then went to the mall for a bit and Reagan didn't come home until 3ish. Graham had spend the night at Pops' house and he came home around 1ish.
  • The afternoon was kind of quiet around here. The neighbors were out and the kids all enjoyed playing. Then we picked up half of the Wilsons and met the other half at Senor Tequila. My kids were pretty wound up tonight and acted a fool. The restaurant was crazy crowded but we were able to be seated together. Everyone ordered and we had enough food at our tables to last a week or so! 
  • Afterwards, we all came back here and had some ice cream. The kids watched a bit of a movie but didn't have time to finish since it was getting late and tomorrow is back to reality with a full day of church.

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