November 3, 2016

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  • We slept well last night and no alarms woke us up in the middle of the night and yes, don't worry, Robby has ordered new batteries for all of the smoke alarms so hopefully those blasted things won't go off again. Now this morning, I knew when Whitman was on our room before we were out of bed that I was running late. 
  • Again we all scrambled this morning but we were able to get everyone off to school on time. Today Keaton was ready for her show and tell-we had already packed not just 1 but 12 flags for Keaton to take to her friends for F day at school. Reagan suggested a ferret but since we don't have one, it was flags.
  • During the morning, my big 4 worked pretty hard on their school. Reagan was a bit slower than the others and she does easily get frustrated even though some days her work is just harder. Today though she did work on her Annalytical Grammar-writing the parts of speech of 10 sentences and then diagramming parts of those sentences. She has always struggled with this but today she said that it was getting easier!
  • When Keaton and Whitman came home, she brought home a thank you note for the flags and Whitman did not bring home a naughty note so it was a good day. He has never brought home a naughty note and Ms. Jennifer probably doesn't send home naughty notes but I sure do expect one! 
  • (Campbell is my favorite-she is reading as I type and I thought I would give her something interesting to read.)
  • Anderson, Graham and I left a bit after 1 to head to his dentist appointment. The appointment was at 1:45 but we didn't make it there until 2:20. There was a bad wreck on the interstate so we just sat for a good while. The boys and I had a long chance to talk and they can be pretty entertaining. Anderson was very entertaining at the dentist-the endodontist was checking on his broken front teeth. So far so good and we don't have to come back for 6 more months. 
  • Then the boys and I went to spend their gift cards from their birthdays or probably from Christmas. Let's just say that if you buy my kid a gift card, I will probably from now on hide it until they forget about it. We were at Sports Academy for a good 8-9 hours. We walked up and down every single aisle twice. Poor Graham could not decide before a pair of slides or just waiting until a pull up bar was on sale. It was too much today but as we were checking out with the slides, he saw a watch and that is what we ended up buying for him. He couldn't be happier.
  • Anderson also had money and he quickly chose a skateboard-and yep, I let him have it. I was so tired that I would have let them buy a machete just to get out of there. I did insist that he use the rest of his gift card for a new helmet. Once we had been released from that store, we went to Game Stop and thankfully, Graham quickly spent his money in there. Then it was on to Chick Fil A because when Anderson did bust his teeth out, I promised him a milkshake and today he claimed it. (I still owe Keaton a milkshake from the day she had her filling.)
  • We made it home and the girls and Whitman were already playing outside. They played with the neighbors some while Robby and I fixed supper. We had pork tenderloin for supper tonight and it is always one of the kids' favorites.
  • Afterwards, my boys had haircuts and then the kids cycled through the showers. We watched a rugby game before bed. I had never seen anyone play rugby so it was pretty interesting-for awhile-but the kids stayed interested until it was over. 

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