November 9, 2016

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  • After staying up until 2:30 last night, it was a bit hard to climb out of bed. It didn't help any that Whitman climbed in bed with us. He was warm and cozy and before I knew it, he had taken my phone-I guess he wanted to check the election results or watch some Little Einsteins.
  • I served up waffles and pancakes to the crew after everyone was dressed. The kids ate like they were getting ready to go and work in a field all day long. Once we had finished and picked up some, it was time to head to Bible study.
  • When we walk in the doors, my big 3 always run off to their classes. Whitman is only concerned about getting a drink of water and then he heads off happily to his class. Keaton and Campbell are across the hall from each other and they both like their classes too. Campbell doesn't like to be the first one in her class and unfortunately we are usually the first one!
  • After Bible study, Keaton went with the Heltz' to Jump Zone. This was part of her birthday present from them and she was beyond excited. I had packed her lunch and they ate before jumping. After they had finished jumping, they went back to their house until church time.
  • The rest of us came home and skipped out on the park. It did make for a really long afternoon-staying up late, a morning at Bible study and then working in the house all afternoon made me incredibly sleepy late this afternoon. I probably could have taken a nap but Whitman was outside with the others. I still feel like I need to keep my eye on him so he doesn't wander down the road!
  • I had watched the kids for about an hour out the windows. They spent time in the front yard and then in the back. The girls came in for containers and the boys asked for grocery bags. Eventually, I had to ask and they were picking up acorns. My first though was that they were going to pile them up for the deer or make a sweet craft project. Nope, they had themselves a bit ole acorn war. Nothing like chunking acorns at your siblings and neighbors.
  • I thought about suggesting goggles or even mentioning that I didn't think this was a good idea but I kept my mouth closed. And surprisingly, the acorn war went well-no one was injured or even lost their eye sight. Eventually the neighbors had to go home so my kiddos came in and got themselves ready for church tonight.
  • We had supper and then it was to church. This was the first night that I had to do my preschool games since it was too dark for their playground. I left just a bit hoarse. Then we headed to meet up with Robby and Whitman. Tony was working on a craft project and Robby did offer him some moral support. We stayed for a bit and then headed home. My people were tired after a busy day and I am too.

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