November 25, 2016

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  • I was the first one awake this morning and quietly got myself ready and quietly headed out the door. I really didn't have a ton of things to shop for today but it never hurts to just see what is out there. Most of our shopping arrives by UPS or Fed Ex so it is rare that I do much shopping at a store except for the grocery store (and that is pretty rare too.)
  • My first stop was Toys R Us and there were more workers than shoppers, next was Micheals and Academy and they were both empty too. Then I headed to Walmart and just did a normal Walmart run and it was really easy. I am not sure where all of the shoppers were but they were not at the stores that I were out.
  • I made it home right after breakfast was delivered to the house. Then we started on the Christmas decorations. I always convince myself that putting up the Christmas is easier than it is. It took us all day long for the house to be completely decorated-well, we did stop for to watch the ball game.
  • This is the first year probably since the kids were born that we did put up our Snow Village. We have already taken bets on how many pieces will be broken. And in the kitchen, I have a skinny tree with all of my ornaments that are food or from restaurants. I am 100% certain that Whitman will end up trying to open up the bag of chips hanging on that tree. 
  • Before we worked on downstairs we did let the kids help with their trees and ornaments. It is funny because the kids always get really huffy doing this. Reagan was trying not to be too bossy but bless her, she just can't help it. Campbell was in a foul mood anyway and Keaton kept saying that Reagan wouldn't let her do anything. In the other room, Anderson was in a hurry to finish and Graham wanted things to be perfect and Whitman, oh Whitman was trying to jump rope with a strand of beads for the tree.
  • Gannymom and Nonna both came to pick up kids-Graham to Nonna's house and Reagan to Grannymom's house. I am pretty sure that they both had a really good time. Whitman asked once if I wanted him to go and wake up Reagan. I guess he never realized that all of the grands came over to get his brother and sister.
  • Robby made supper while I worked on finishing up the snow village. The kids briefly picked up and soon the house was back in order and we could finally relax. The kids stayed up for a good while but they were excited to go to bed with their trees shining in their rooms tonight.

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