November 8, 2016

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  • I wasn't too sure how this morning was going to go because at 1 last night, I heard those dreaded words! I went upstairs and Keaton was sitting in front of the potty-bless her. She had not been sick but felt like she was going to be. Robby made her a pallet and I took her downstairs. She did eventually get sick on little time but then slept all night long.
  • I am not really sure why that poor baby gets sick so often but I would just have to assume that last night's episode was because of the foods that we ate last night (chick fil a and cinnabon). I had laid in bed last night feeling sorry for my poor baby going to miss Book Character day. But since her episode was completely different than usual and she woke feeling great, off to school she went.
  • Whitman and Keaton were the cutest things ever-she was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and he was dressed at Mike Mulligan. Whitman said that he could be a farmer and with his overalls that he could be. 
  • Our past book characters have been Reagan as Fancy Nancy, Anderson as Mike Mulligan and a fireman, Graham as a football player and Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Campbell was Llama, Llama, Red Pajama twice (not really sure why-hopefully she picked that and I was just lazy that year) and Keaton was Caps for Sale last year.
  • My big 4 sat down and started on their school work while we waited on the Book Character parade. Then it was all eyes on the parade of kids marching around. My babies were the cutest and man, I sure do love seeing Whitman walk with his class and walk on the line like he is supposed to. 
  • When the parade was over, my people and I headed home to start on our school work. We had a pretty good day-my boys still try to sneak a few things by me but I catch most of them (goodness knows what all I miss.) After we finished school, we turned this place into craft-ville. It is unfortunate that we weren't working on Christmas gifts or something. 
  • Reagan painted her book some. She and Campbell glued seashells on their letters. Graham worked on a model airplane and a wooden car. Anderson and Graham both helped me put vinyl on their yeti cups (I will have to do Graham's again since I made it too thin but it was a good first try.) I had a project for me to do to but I didn't get around to it since it was soon voting time.
  • We met Robby, Mike and Red Riding Hood at the poll. We didn't have to wait an hour or so to vote-we just walked right in. Voting was easy and we did try to explain a few things to the kids. (Tonight I tried to explain the electoral college to the boys but I am not so sure they got it-not so sure that I get it either. But as so often these days, I ended our voting conversation with my speech about who is really in control.)
  • Back at home the kids played some and then it was supper time. We ate and soon I headed out to basketball practice with the boys. They so enjoyed playing tonight since it was just scrimmaging. They both did well-weren't the worst and weren't the best. I did watch them play but I also ready 5 magazines while I waited!
  • The girls and Whitman hung out at home with Robby. They watched some of the election but enjoyed watching their tv shows more so that is what they did until we came home. The boys had a shower and then it was bedtime for the crew. The boys wanted me to wake them up and tell them who won. We shall soon see but either way we know who is really in control and we have ice cream in the freezer!

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