November 29, 2016

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  • Graham was the first one up this morning and was working hard on his Bible study. Soon, I was waking up my littles and getting them dressed for school. Whitman and Keaton love their classes and their teachers so that makes them leaving for school much easier.
  • I woke up with a scare this morning. I had been dreaming that we were in heavy traffic and whoever was driving the car for us let Reagan out because she had to go to the bathroom. In my dream, I was at Nonna's house and realized that she had been gone for a long time and started to look for her. When I finally found her, she was coming into the garage and seemed upset. She later told me that she had to walk to Grannymom's house to find a bathroom. So when I did wake Reagan up this morning, I gave her a stern lecture about never walking to Grannymom's house!
  • I told the others that we were going to have muffins for breakfast and that was fine with them except they wanted chocolate chip and blueberry muffins. I already had banana, apple and even pumpkin muffins in the fridge but nope, I still ended making muffins for my people.
  • Soon after, we started on school and things were going great until I looked out the window. Deer are common out here and we have seen a raccoon and possum or two. Even a few skunks and a few months ago there were 2 goats roaming around. Today, there was a horse in the back yard. The kids all ran outside but they must have scared the horse because he was soon galloping down the street. The neighbors were out and soon everyone had apples in their hands trying to catch the horse-they had no luck but did get out of school for a bit.
  • When school was finally over, we had our lunch and stared our chores. As soon as chores were over the kids shot out of the house and headed down the road. They stayed there and in our yard until it was time for us to leave.
  • We met Robby to get gas and then to pick up the littles. He took the boys home for showers and supper and I took my girls out shopping. It was quite a trip! Our main goal was to find a few things for their Christmas lists and that we did-well, kind of. Reagan only found a few things, Keaton pointed out a few things and Campbell liked every single thing that she saw-every single thing. I am now buying her a shovel and Christmas lights for Christmas. 
  • Once we made it home (finally!), we had our supper and then the girls had their showers. Soon it was time for bed for the crew and time for me to do some blogging.

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