November 13, 2016

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  • Last night when we tucked the kids in bed, we wondered if we should turn the heat on since it was already chilly upstairs. It was cool downstairs too but soon we were under the covers and snoozing away happily. The kids did all sleep last night but when people started piling in our bed this morning, their little noses, ears and toes were all ice cold. So tonight the heat is running-that is the thing about living in a cinder block house, it stays cool in here all the time.
  • I haven't done a great job on picking out the kids clothes lately and Keaton came and showed me what she had picked out-the exact same outfit that she wore the week before and the week before that. Two weeks in a row was fine but three weeks in a row makes me worried that people will start taking up a collection for us. And if any child does not need more clothes it would be Keaton-the third girl in the family and she has more winter dresses than she can wear this season. She did pick something else out-a summer dress. I put a blue jean jacket and winter boots on her and called it done. 
  • Everyone was dressed except for Whitman when Robby pulled the cinnamon rolls out of the oven this morning. I had Whitman a plaid shirt today to wear-it was blue but the last time I pulled out a red plaid shirt, he said "I don't want to be Mike Mulligan again." He did enjoy book character day but I guess he is over it. I probably shouldn't try to make him wear his red plaid shirts anytime soon.
  • We did our Sunday school classes today and then went to big church. I do love sitting in church with the kids and I really love hearing them sing their little hearts out. Reagan was sitting by Keaton today and sweet Reagan tried to help Keaton sing along with us. One of the songs that we sang today had been one of the kids' choir songs so Campbell knew it and knew it well. She was really singing it-so much so that she must have worn herself out because just minutes after Dave started talking she was sound asleep.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house. Les and his family were passing through so there was a house full. The kids ate and then they all migrated outside to play. They enjoyed playing with Zach outside and were all hot despite the cool weather when they came inside. 
  • We all headed home and changed clothes. The kids started watching their movies and playing and I climbed into bed.  Whitman was eventually causing a commotion so Robby put him in bed with us and it is amazing to watch but within minutes (less than 5) he was sound asleep between us. 
  • We had quesadillas for supper and then ran to the Wilson's house for our Sunday night ice cream truck. Tony made milkshakes and I wished that Robby would have reminded me that I can not eat milkshakes-just a bit too much milk for my stomach! Maybe another bowl of ice cream will help! (kidding-I am ice creamed out for at least 24 hours.)

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