November 12, 2016-Happy Birthday (Party) Keaton!

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  • Robby and I were a little bit excited about the chance to sleep in this morning since our early risers (the big boys) had spent the night at Cash's house. That didn't happen. At 2, Campbell came downstairs saying that she was scared. I was too asleep to walk her back upstairs and since she had already pulled the blanket out from under my bed, we let her stay.
  • I guess she woke up first and was soon in our bed because not too long after 7, Whitman was even awake and downstairs with us. So much for sleeping in! I guess I can still blame some of this on Daylight Savings Time. My Reagan spent the night at Nonna's house and I know that she slept as late as she could. 
  • After a bit, we did get ourselves ready and loaded up for the Preschool Fall Fest at church. Campbell wasn't too sure about going since she is not in preschool but she had a blast. They had both big playrooms set up with lots of things to do. Everything was decorated really cute-so cute that it made me just wish that we were having a fall party tonight (except that would have been a lot of hay for us to vacuum up!)
  • We had our picture made and then headed to the game room. It was filled with cute little fall games-running around the pumpkins, riding a push toy around pumpkins, ring toss on pumpkin stems, pumpkin bowling and one of the oddest was moving gummy worms to a different plate only using their mouths. I told Whitman what to do and he just looked at me and poured his plate of worms into the other one.
  • The next room had apple cider and hot chocolate along with making a picture frame, decorating a cookie, making a bag of chex mix and two other fall crafts to make. We ended our morning with a hay ride around the church parking lot. It was lots of fun the my little people all enjoyed it.
  • Then we drove on Toys R Us and met the boys and Cash there. They had a Lego event so everyone received Legos to make a Nexo something or another. I am still not sure what we made-and yes, I mean "we" as in Robby and I. The boys all made theirs but we had to make Campbell and Keaton's lego man.
  • After a bit of finding a few items for Christmas lists, we loaded back up but this time we had the boys and left Campbell with Grannymom. We then went home for a tiny bit. We had that odd amount of time-long enough to finish unloading and straightening but not long enough to sit down and enjoy being done with our list.
  • We started loading up the car around 2:30 and then headed to church. Robby took one car so he could stop and order the pizza and I took my car loaded down with stuff for Keaton's birthday. I was worried that we weren't going to have enough time to set everything up but surprisingly we did-barely.
  • The kids helped some and it doesn't take much to make things look like a party! This was Keaton's first friend party and this birthday party was almost 2 months late since her birthday is September 29th. She has waited not so patiently for this day and I think that it met her expectations.
  • There were 3 girls from her class, Harper, Lilly and Scarlet, one girl from Bible study, Rosemary and others buddies from church, Evelyn, Eden, Lilly, Caroline, Charlotte and Alyssa Kate. It was quite a crew especially when you add in her big brothers and sisters and Whitman. We all played on the playground first and then we had a few little games-passing Snow White's apple and sweeping a magical pumpkin.
  • Then we moved inside and the girls played bingo followed by eating. For food we had Jasmine's pizza stars, Aroura's pink cookies, Elsa's snowballs (marshmallows), Cinderella's magical pumpkins (cheese balls) and Ariel's fish friends (goldfish). 
  • We then had one more game and then Keaton opened her presents. The girl really racked up-jewelry, stamps, play doh, candy, art supplies, hair stuff. Then we sang Happy Birthday to her and I do think that she was a bit embarrassed by everyone staring at her! Cutest thing ever.
  • I do think that she had a great birthday. When it was over, Jason and the grands helped us pick up and we soon had that church house in better shape than we found it. We loaded up the cars and headed home. Once at home, Reagan organized Keaton's presents and then helped her open a few of them.
  • The kids all alternated through the shower during breaks in the football game. The boys always start the games really interested in the football games but by half time, they are done-especially when the game isn't too exciting like tonight. The kids all headed to bed and I think that they are tired-I know I am (meanwhile, we are trying to figure out how we can combine Anderson and Campbell's birthday parties into one day and be done with it. Does a lego cake decorating party sound like a good idea?) 

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