November 2, 2016

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  • Robby and I have been talking about how nice it would be to wake up in the middle of the night and not wake up for a bathroom run at 6:30. Well, we sure did wake up in the middle of the night last night-woke up to our smoke alarm blaring. 
  • We were pretty quick to make our way out of the bed and into the living room. There was no smoke so I just stood in the middle of the kitchen trying to figure out which smoke alarm was blaring. There was one alarm in the house when we moved and it is the only one that ever goes off when I cook since it is on the ceiling. Robby has put another one on the kitchen wall and I had never heard it sound. I was able to jerk it down from the wall but couldn't get it to go off. Robby had to take the batteries out for it to finally quieten down. Apparently, instead of it kindly chirping to notify us that the batteries were running out, it loudly blared in the middle of the night to warn us to get more batteries. Seriously, why can't these things happen during the day when everyone is awake.
  • The girls did hear the alarm but instead of getting up Campbell just worried that it was an intruder in the house and Reagan said that she figured it was just a false alarm. We did have a conversation about getting up if you hear an alarm to make sure that Mom and Dad hear it too.
  • Needless to say, it took us awhile to go back to sleep after all of that. But all too soon we were waking up to the sound of my alarm on my phone. That still isn't a pleasant sound but much better than the last alarm we had heard. We were scrambling a bit this morning but the boys did have time to clean the potties since the girls did the trash cans last night. We all had breakfast and were ready in time-I was even able to heat up my bagel to eat it on the ride to CBS.
  • When we had topped the hill and Immanuel came in view, Whitman started shouting "Bible study! I love Bible study! There it is!" and I love that he loves Bible study. This afternoon he was even singing one of his verse songs. We all went to our classes and afterwards headed to the park for a bit.
  • The kids really enjoyed playing at the park this afternoon. My boys, along with all of the boys, did migrate to these huge sticks and did start to joust with them. I put an end to that before anyone lost an eye. Campbell and Keaton enjoyed swinging and even though Reagan's buddy had already left, she was in no hurry for us to leave since it was a pretty perfect afternoon.
  • Once we made it home, the kids and Noah, who came home with us, started looking at their candy and making their "stores." Then they played xbox some, watched some tv and even played nerf guns upstairs. I did look in the windows as I walked to the bonus room to get on the treadmill and I could see mattress off of beds. Thankfully, most everything was already picked up when I finished and upstairs did look back to normal.
  • We had ravioli and tortellini for supper. I took everyone except Whitman to church tonight. Whitman and Robby stayed home to play with our new Lincoln logs. Once we made it home, from church everyone wanted to play with them. I encouraged them to pull out our bin of Lincoln logs and make something really big tomorrow-we will see if they actually do.

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