November 30, 2016

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  • When I woke up this morning, my boys were already upstairs working on their legos. I had given them a list of items for them to make for Anderson's upcoming party. They were working hard when I had to break up the party and send them to put on their clothes.
  • I ran upstairs too to wake up my girls and get them started on their clothes and soon Whitman was awake too. I jumped in the shower and as I finished getting ready, I told the kids what to do next-like directing an orchestra (except it didn't sound as beautiful.)
  • We had time to do our chores (most of them) and then ate our breakfasts before jumping in the car for Bible study. The kids ran off to their classes and I went to mine. 
  • After Bible study, we went to a park to eat our lunch-despite the fact that the wind was freezing. Candice, Jodee and I snuggled on a bench behind our lunch boxes trying to keep warm. The kids had fun though and they must not notice the cold. I did have a few with their shoes off, one had his shoes and socks off and they were even doing something near the water so I am sure they were also a bit wet.
  • Reagan went home with Alyssa Kate and Caroline came home with us. The kids all spent the afternoon playing. They were inside and outside. During my short nap, the neighbors all came over so I woke to a houseful of kids. They were able to play for just a little bit and then it was time for us to eat supper before heading back to church.
  • I ran into the library on the way and then it was time for church. I did my games and it seemed to fly by tonight. We were soon on our way home. Robby and Whitman had a big night-they watched some movies, read a bit and Whitman was already in bed when we arrived home. My crew had a snack and showers and then it was time for bed!

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