2017 Dennie Family Resolutions

1. Weigh 188 or less.
2. Climb Pinnacle twice.
3. Bowl a game of 150 or better.

1. Lose 10 pounds.
2. Fill our house with music (more guitar, more piano, more music playing)
3. Climb Pinnacle with the family.

1. Add more accessories to the bathroom.
2. Move the dangerous swing.
3. Have more root beer floats.

1. Go to a football game.
2. Go to Altitude, Big Rock and the movies.
3. Ride an upside down roller coaster.

1. Go to a football game, putt putt and a new restaurant.
2. Run 2 times a week on the treadmill.
3. BBQ with Dad.

1. Play soccer.
2. Make supper and dessert (also make jello sometime.)
3. Hang shelves over bed.

1. Go some place to eat.
2. Learn to read.
3. Go to a new state.

1. Learn to pedal bike.
2. Read a book.
3. Jump on a bouncy.
And just for crazy kicks, let's review last year's resolutions:

1. Learn to play a song on the guitar. (nope but I can pick a song out on the guitar)
2. Go to a baseball game. (yes, Travelers)
3. Weigh less than 190 pounds this time next year. (nope)

1. Exercise 3 times a week. (I did for the first part of the year)
2. Finish the mirror for the mantle and the mantle decorations (Finished the mirror but nothing else)
3. Teach the kids to cook more. (Some but not as much as I would like)

1. Improve at soccer. (She is a soccer pro)
2. Get more accessories for her room. (She told me the other day that she didn't need anymore pillows and there is no wall space left)
3. Learn how to use the oven. (We just got a new oven so no one knows how to use it)
4. Eat more fruit. (Possibly)
5. Go to a football game. (Josh's game in Mississippi)

1. Play putt-putt with the family. (yes, Father's Day and with the Wilsons)
2. Play flag football. (nope)
3. Go to Big Rock or Playtime Pizza. (Big Rock for putt-putt and Playtime with the family)
4. Make breakfast for the family with Dad. (nope)
5. Get in shape. (possibly)
6. Eat more fruit. (ha! ha! ha!)

1. Go to a football stadium. (yes, Josh's in Mississippi)
2. Learn how to write in cursive. (yes)
3. Learn to BBQ with Dad. (nope)
4. Learn to play the guitar. (improving)
5. Learn to play basketball. (yes, playing now at Immanuel)

1. Go to Altitude. (yes, with the family)
2. Go to Target. (yes)
3. Go to Playtime Pizza. (yes, with the family)
4. Go bowling. (yes, with the family)
5. Play all our games. (nope)
6. Make meals for the family. (some, she is a pro in the kitchen)
7. Make a new friend. (yes-Zoey)
8. Play soccer better. (yes)

1. Play soccer. (yes)
2. Play with Elsa doll and all her princess dolls more. (yes)
3. Play the Dora game on the Xbox. (not too much)

1. Learn to potty. (thank God we are finally there!)
2. Learn to sit still and obey. (ha! ha! ha!)
3. Sleep in the boys' room. (much easier than we ever expected)

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