January 14, 2017

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  • Reagan was the only one this Saturday morning who decided that she didn't want to wait for Robby's big breakfast. This morning we had biscuits, eggs and sausage patties (it was sausage links last week.) It was a pretty good breakfast and I enjoyed mine much more this week since I pulled out the honey and slathered my biscuit with it. 
  • Of course, after cooking a big breakfast is just a big mess in the kitchen. We knocked it out pretty quickly and then Robby and I headed to the bonus room for a bit. The kids were watching a show about animals gone wild and they didn't miss us at all. I picked out pictures from December to put in the kids picture albums and ate a bit of my Christmas candies.
  • Before too long it was time for us to start getting ready for the games. I loaded up the basketball players and headed to the game. Robby and the others arrived just at tip-off (though I don't think that they do have tip-off.)
  • Graham's team did really well today. They were missing their star player but everyone stepped up and the score was tied. Graham did great and scored once. He was often the ball handler and he had a lot of fun and really that was is all that matters. 
  • We had a short break between games-Grannymom and I walked a few laps on the track above the courts, the kids ran and played and Robby ran to pick up a bit of lunch for the kids. Then it was Anderson's team's turn. Last week they played pretty poorly and were the ones who were stomped but not this week. They were on fire. Anderson scored 3 points but he grabbed many rebounds. He also had lots of fun.
  • Robby went to pick up a pizza for supper and Campbell and I headed to the grocery store. I had about 8 things on my list but ended up leaving with a buggy full and spent nearly a hundred dollars-I blame Campbell. Actually the only things she convinced me to buy was some sparkling grape juice. Unfortunately, she has taken to calling it wine and I was a little confused when Anderson asked my when we were going to drink the wine. (We are saving the wine for the Super Bowl in case you wondered.)
  • Back at home, everyone ate and then had showers before cleaning the school room a bit. Things in there had become very cluttered so we did some decluttering. We threw away a bag of trash and then made another pile of things that Robby snuck out of the house tonight. He raised Campbell's desk so it is as high as the others and things look pretty good in there. Now we just need to do some decluttering on every other room in this house.
  • When we finished, we put away a load of laundry and then watched the final of our baking show. Next, Whitman went to bed while the rest of us put away one more load of laundry (there is another drying but it will wait until tomorrow.) 
  • Finally, it was bedtime for my crew. When the boys went into their room, Whitman was still awake. He was not happy to see his brothers come in the room which was surprising. I guess he like to go to sleep with it quiet and it is nothing but when Anderson and Graham are in there. It does sound like most of my Dennie kids are sleeping upstairs right now!

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