January 29, 2017

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  • Robby's phone went off this morning and it was incredibly loud so I must have been sour at his phone still when my alarm started dinging and I just turned that thing off. Turning off the alarm on a Sunday morning is never a good idea. The kids were already awake and by the time that we were stirring we could hear Whitman scooting stools around to get what he needed out of the cabinets. 
  • Robby made cinnamon rolls for everyone and by the time that they were eating breakfast, I was dressed and ready and he headed to get himself ready. The kids were mostly ready so I just had to finish the kitchen, do hair and dress Whitman. He wasn't too happy about his sweater but did look adorable once it was on,
  • We made it to church in just enough time to fly by and see all of the grands. Then it was Sunday school for everyone followed by big church. Afterwards, we headed to Nonna's house for lunch. 
  • Nonna had made chili for us and even though we ate it last night it was a completely different meal-Nonna had many choices of crackers, chips and dips. After we ate, Nonna had also made a yummy heath bar cake. 
  • The boys wanted to walk back through Beebee's house so Jason took them over there. A bit after they all arrived back, Keaton noticed a police car driving by and then another. Somehow Jason didn't get the alarm back on correctly and instead of calling Pops the alarm company called the police. So that was a bit of added excitement-especially when we told Anderson that he better hide that watch that he brought back from over there.
  • This afternoon was spent just as Sunday afternoons should be-napping. I help Whitman long enough that he fell asleep with me until it was time for everyone to get moving again. I made supper and soon we were heading out the door for church tonight.
  • It was just easier for Whitman to go with us than to go to class and he was pretty good during the service. Keaton did decided that she needed to go to the bathroom so Graham did too. It was okay since it was a bit more relaxed. Afterwards, we hurried home for ice cream truck night. 
  • The kids had their ice cream and then went to finish up their movie. I worked with Whitman on his report for next week and then it was bedtime for them and ice cream time for me.

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