January 5, 2017

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  • Well, that little Whitman crawled in our bed around 4:30 this morning and it was just too cold for me to crawl out of bed to lay him down on the floor and I was too tired to march him back up the stairs.  He is pretty snugly except I don't sleep well because I am worried that he is going to fall off the bed!
  • When the alarm clock rang, I did go up and snatch Keaton from her bed. A few minutes later, Keaton and Whitman were both laying on top of their clothes in my room and there was no getting ready happening. They were some tired little kiddos.
  • I finally managed to get them ready and out they headed. I dressed Whitman and Keaton like they were going to class outside today even though they never left the building. The rest of us started on school and the kids were able to finish everything-well, except for Anderson. He played, fooled around, talked and did anything he could except get his school finished. He finally finished his stuff after lunch-gracious me. He may be slow to finish but at least he has a good time doing it.
  • Gannymom and Grandpa came over this morning to help put Keaton and Campbell's shelves up in their room. They were able to eat lunch with us and my girls were thrilled with their new shelves. Campbell was worried that she wasn't going to have enough to put on hers but I am sure she will quickly fill it in. 
  • This afternoon, we didn't do too much-the kids watched a movie for a while and then they spotted the neighbors outside. Even though I had told them to wear a coat, I still had one knuckle head out in the 30 degree weather with just a hat on and not a coat. They played until it was time to come in and thaw out.
  • Robby made supper and then I hauled the boys to basketball practice. I finished my Bible study and read a few magazines. I still had time to enjoy watching the boys play some. They really enjoy practice and have a good time.
  • Meanwhile back at home, everyone had showers. The girls worked on their shelves and Whitman watched a few movies until we made it back home. 
  • On the way home, the boys were looking at my phone to check the weather. I told Anderson to call the weather and see what the temperature was. I gave him the phone number and then realized maybe we need to practice talking on the phone some. Even though I had mentioned over and over that it was just a recording, he said "I am so nervous."
  • After the boys had showered, it was time for bedtime but I am sure that my boys aren't sleeping at all since they are on a snow watch.

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