January 2, 2017

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  • Another night of not sleeping all night around here-it is like we have a newborn! I had just gotten to sleep at 1 last night when Whitman came into our room. I pulled out the blankets under our bed and laid him down there. That child talked and moaned and make all kinds of noises as he was falling asleep. He did sit up and tell me that he wanted milk in the morning. I agreed and eventually he was sleeping soundly.
  • At 5, he woke me up saying that he needed dry pants. He had soaked through his pull up and pants-probably why he woke up earlier. I helped him potty and change and as we were putting on his pants, I asked him if he liked sleeping on our room. He answered "I will sleep in your bed now." It was nearly 5 so I didn't protest and scooted him over towards Robby. 
  • We all slept in one last day and then we did a bit of school. We had planned on doing 30 minutes of school but fussing kids increased that time to an hour. That was fine since it took nearly that long to fold all of our laundry. When school work was done, we moved on to a few chores.
  • Lunch was finally made at 2-we all made individual pizzas. The kids love making pizzas and they were all pretty good. Then we worked on cleaning up some of our Christmas candy because tomorrow starts lots of treadmill time for Robby and me. 
  • Since lunch was late, the afternoon flew by. Around 4 or 5 the kids saw the neighbors outside and out they flew. They played outside until 7. Poor Whitman went outside at one point and tried his hardest to get the others to come home and play with him. He did walk around the yard some and play with the skateboard and a stick (his report). He eventually came in asking to watch a movie.
  • After a bit, Whitman came to the bonus room where Robby and I were. I held him for a minute and then discovered that he was sound asleep. It was just 6 and he had not eaten-I had to wake him up. Robby and I both worked and worked at waking him up and he didn't really stir until I took him outside. 
  • Everyone then headed to the showers before we had soup and crackers for supper. The kids then convinced me to make them root beer floats to eat while we watched a baking show before bed. Tonight everyone went to bed early because tomorrow is the first day in a long, long time that we have to wake up and get moving since everyone is back to school tomorrow.

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