January 11, 2017

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  • I set 2 alarms for Wednesday morning on my phone but apparently I have learned to turn both of them off while still sleeping. So that did start my morning in quite a rush. I probably should put a sign in the living room on Wednesdays to tell the boys to wake me.
  • 7 of us still managed to all get ready, eat breakfast and be out the door in 45 minutes and I think that is pretty good. We did leave a bit later than usual but still made it on time. Whitman loves his class and just jumps in every single time. Keaton was so excited about her class today because the teachers brought in different boys to show how Jesus grew up. One of those was Anderson and Keaton was so happy to see him. Campbell's class walked to see the stained glass. Graham's teachers told me that he told them all about Isaiah and how it mirrors the Bible as a whole. And Reagan is just counting down the days until she can be the one bringing snack to Bible study.
  • We drove up to Rock Creek after Bible study and the tubes were closed so the Heltz' ended up at our house to eat lunch and play for a bit. The kids played for a bit and then they headed home. We picked up and within minutes the lights flickered and then went off.
  • It had been so crazy windy here-I had been outside and the wind was so loud it sounded like a train coming. I was cleaning the cabinets when the lights went out so I just kept doing that and then Keaton and I put together a castle that she received for Christmas. It took until the lights came back on to finish it and by the time we were finished, I just had time to clean the potties before making supper for the crew.
  • We ate and then it was time to head to church. Tonight Whitman's class did games with me and he was so excited. Graham and Anderson both went shopping tonight-Graham bought a cow (wish it was a real one) and Anderson spent his money on candy and possibly something else (I'm not really sure.)
  • The kids all had showers and a snack before heading to bed tonight. I am not sure if they are as tired as I am but gracious, Wednesdays are wonderful but long days.

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