January 24, 2017

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  • This was one of those rare days that everyone was awake-even Reagan. Days like today make it a bit more difficult to get Keaton and Whitman dressed and out the door. They just want to stay and hang out with the others.
  • We still managed to get everyone out the door on time. Whitman ate a pop tart but he wasn't too happy with me since we are now out of Oreo poptarts and Keaton had two pancakes. She was excited about bringing keys to show and tell today but I did spend part of the day wondering exactly what those keys went to. I gave her that set because I thought they weren't used but I did have a nagging feeling that maybe they were in fact keys to something important and I had a bit of a fear that she wouldn't come home with them. No worries though, she did come home with them and I never found that magical safe.
  • We did school here this morning and things went well-any day is better than a Monday. Anderson still took a long while but he did finish at a decent time today. We did our history and science and I was actually surprised that I even enjoyed science today.
  • I made grilled cheese for lunch and then we all started on our chores. Reagan and I worked forever on their closet and when Anderson was finished with his school, he helped Graham and me rebuild a lego set. We only made it 1/3 of the way-it is hard finding one tiny necessary piece for every step. Hopefully, we can finish it within the next few days.
  • The kids ended up outside this afternoon and stayed there until Robby, Keaton and Whitman made it home. They played outside with the neighbors until their mom called them in. While they were playing, Robby and I sat down and had our pizza supper.
  • Once the kids came in the had their showers and then ate. Anderson worked on his volcano tonight, Reagan wrapped a present and Campbell worked on a pillow that she received at Christmas. After we finished all of our projects, it was time to watch an episode of The Wall before sending my people to bed for the night.

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