January 16, 2017

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  • We were getting up this morning when Whitman joined us in bed so we certainly stayed a bit longer. All of my people used to climb in bed with us in the mornings-not so much anymore. So when Whitman or anyone joins us these days, we savor it.
  • We had breakfast this morning and then started on school. Campbell had finished her school for today on Friday so she had little to do. It probably did help since she played with Keaton and Whitman entertaining them both. Graham did do a little school work with Whitman and Keaton worked on some of her sight words. They do tickle me because while we work together, Keaton and Whitman were right there. Whitman will sit crazy still if you are reading-even while we were reading a chapter about Hosea in our history book.
  • I then had everyone pick up downstairs while I worked on lunch. When we had finished lunch, it was time for chores and that did take a while. Keaton and mainly Reagan did a load of laundry by themselves-well, I talked them through it and it is still in the dryer but they can finish it tomorrow. Reagan did say "wait, is this going to be my chore from now on?" Smart girl.
  • Anderson was still working on his school work around 3 this afternoon. Bless him. He doesn't struggle with school really-now his spelling is pretty rough and he isn't the speediest reader though he is a math whiz and understands and remembers most everything. He just isn't in any hurry to finish and takes his sweet time. It doesn't bother him that he is the last one so I guess that it shouldn't bother me either.
  • The girls and Graham made a store this afternoon. They found their own things that they wanted to sell and then charged their brothers and sisters. I was on the treadmill during this but was pretty surprised to learn that Campbell bought an empty Starburst box for 50 cents. Surprised that her sister would sell it to her, surprised that her brother wouldn't speak up, surprised that she was silly enough to buy it. I clearly explained that there would be no more stores in this house.
  • Soon Robby was home and we were working on supper. We had spaghetti and thankfully, it is one of the rare meals that everyone seems to eat every part of (no one has to pick out corn or tomotoes or any of the other silly things they pick out.)
  • After supper, we watched a movie this evening. It was a pretty cute little movie and even Whitman watched most of it. Robby passed out popcorn and this made Reagan incredibly happy (she wants to be eating all of the time) When the movie was over, we sent everyone to bed. I have not been upstairs once because Anderson was rattling the tags from his pillow while telling his brother that he was eating candy. Gracious me!

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