January 12, 2017

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  • Whitman was all about picking out his clothes this morning. He is always ready to go to school and today was no different. Once I had him dressed, I went upstairs to find Keaton. Those girls are hard to find in the mornings-sometimes they are in the floor, sometimes they are in each other's beds and sometimes they are were they should be. I picked correctly and did find Keaton on the first try. 
  • They grabbed their breakfast and soon they were headed out the door. Robby dropped them off while I zoomed through school. I am getting quicker at doing the kids work together-I just do spelling with Reagan now so that helps. Anderson greatly struggles with spelling so that takes longer than it should. Since I have already worked through Graham's English book three times, I am able to fly through it with him. And Campbell is improving on her reading so that is taking less time each day as well.
  • Graham and Campbell went with me to the library to grab a few books. Then we picked up Whitman and Keaton from school. She had taken a bear to school and told me all about them "hibernating" and Whitman had made a snowflake that he was so proud of.
  • Once at home, Robby had lunch made and we all ate. After we finished eating, we worked on chores and then Anderson finished up his work. It didn't take him too long and soon he was watching a movie with everyone else.
  • The neighbors came out and my crew flew out the door. Robby left to go and buy icees so I helped move bikes so he could back out.  When I did, I looked over and saw the crew trying to fly a kite in the back yard-um, we have a few trees back there but I guess it was windy enough to do it. I don't think they had much success though.
  • They played outside a bit and then were back in for the afternoon. By the time that our lasagna was cooked, it was time for the boys to head to basketball practice. They always have such a good time at practice.
  • Back at home, everyone here had showers and then we made a few muffins-6 dozen actually. Whenever I feel like my freezers are becoming empty, I have this urge to fill them back up. I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen when the boys came home. They had showers and their muffins and then it was bedtime for all of the crew. 

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