January 18, 2017

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  • Wednesday morning and Whitman was in our bed before 7. We snuggled with him until he went back to sleep so we could too-which was probably not a good idea since we had places to go.
  • The boys were the first ones dressed followed closely by the girls. I put Whitman's clothes on him while he was still snoozing on our bed. It was so much easier that way-I may start having everyone go to bed with their clothes on.
  • We were on time to Bible study but Reagan was not pleased because she was not the first one in her class this morning. Whitman was the first one in his class but he did not want to go in at all. I am not sure why but he was soon happily playing in his room.
  • It was wet after Bible study so we headed to Rock Creek. The kids played and played there until they were worn out. Noah came home with us and as soon as everyone walked in the door, they went to the bonus room and played on their ipads. That is pretty much where they stayed all of the afternoon long. 
  • Whitman was the only one not upstairs and he helped me with the laundry. When we had finished that, he told me that we could watch a movie and that we did. I sat down with him and he watched the movie and I closed my eyes.
  • It didn't seem like the afternoon was that long and before I knew it I was pulling out leftovers for all of the kids. They helped me clean out the fridge and I think that everyone left full. After everyone ate, we loaded up and headed to church.
  • It was stripe and dots night for Anderson, Graham and Campbell and pajama night for Keaton and Whitman. They all were pretty excited about this but they were most excited when they found out that we were stopping at Wendys on the way home for frostees. 
  • They ate their snacks on the way home and then once at home it was shower time followed by my favorite part of the day on Wednesdays-bedtime!

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