January 6, 2017-Happy Birthday Tara!

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  • At 7:03 this house erupted with hoops and hollers and cheers. No one seemed to care that it was my birthday and old women are supposed to sleep in on their birthdays. I had tried to make it clear last night that no matter how much snow was on the ground, no one was going outside until 10. I guess everyone forgot that because only seconds after walking into my room, people were asking if they could go outside. 
  • Now even though the kids were extremely noisy this morning, they were pretty sweet. They came into our room saying "Happy Birthday! It is a snow day!" That was sweet but I was already a bit bummed about our snow day because I really wanted more than a half an inch of snow. 
  • We had breakfast-Graham was already wearing at least 6 layers of clothes.  He looked like the michelin man. I finally made him take off a layer or two because I told him that I was not going to do a bazillion loads of laundry on my birthday.
  • I text the neighbors and they weren't coming out until 11 so that gave us some time to do history and science. They were thrilled! By 10:30, people were dressed in so many layers that you couldn't tell which Dennie kids was who. Socks, gloves, hats and scarves covered the mudroom floor. 
  • When the clock did strike 11, people flew out the door like the house was on fire. Robby and I went out for a little bit-I took pictures and he threw snowballs. Once my hands were pretty much freezing, I headed back into the house. I tried my hardest to get Whitman to go in with me-when I finally mentioned Skittles he was right behind me heading into the house.
  • I unbundled myself and Whitman and we headed inside. I figured that the others would come in soon-but they didn't. They were playing hard and occasionally someone would come to the door asking for new dry gloves. 
  • The kids did hang out in the garage for a bit and Robby served them hot chocolate and a snack. Around 2 they went inside the neighbors for a bit but after an hour or two, they were back outside until 5. 
  • For Christmas Robby bought me a big ole pot and I filled it up tonight. I made chili mac and cheese and it was pretty good-which is a good thing because we have enough leftovers to feed us ALL week long. Nonna, Pops and Jason didn't even help us make a dent in in. I think that the kids liked it since some of them went back for seconds so the recipe is a keeper (though we will make a few adjustments.)
  • After eating, I opened a few presents-cash, a can opener, shirt and the game of Farkle from Robby. Jason brought me a Home Depot gift card and Nonna and Pops bought a dish and carrier and a magazine subscription. It was a pretty great birthday.
  • When everyone left, we put Whitman in bed and then we played Farkle with the kids. They were able to play and everyone had a good time-especially Graham who beat Reagan on the final roll. 
  • The kids went to bed and Robby and I sat down for a few minutes before eating some birthday pie! (He had already bought me a spiced cider and a pie-which I have already eaten this afternoon-it was just a small one.)

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