January 13, 2017

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  • We were up a bit later this morning but that was fine since we didn't have to get Keaton and Whitman off to school. Robby left for work and I pulled out the muffins that I had made last night. 
  • I also pulled out some banana and apple muffins from the freezer and we all started on breakfast. At one point, Whitman looked at me and said that it was snowing. I glanced outside but quickly realized that he was talking about the muffin crumbs that he was dropping on the ground. It was like snow and a great mess to begin our Friday morning.
  • School went pretty good this morning. Keaton and Whitman spent quite a bit of time playing some candy. I am not sure why but when they had finished their games, they brought it to me to open and pass out to everyone. 
  • The kids have started moving the little heater into the school room during school. This draws Graham back to his old spot and the room is full-especially with Keaton and Whitman there. Today was relatively calm but the house does quickly look like it is destroyed.
  • We had lunch and then it was time to pick up our destroyed house. It didn't take too long and before I had finished my list, Robby was home. He was only here for a few minutes when I headed out the door.
  • I had some dishes at Beebee's house to pick up so I went and did that. I didn't get home until after 4 and when I made it home, the big 5 were playing at the neighbors house, Whitman was watching tv and chili was in the crock pot.
  • We let the kids play until it was very dark outside. When they came in, they had their showers and then we ate our chili. I do believe that chili is one of my favorite meals and the kids ate it up as well.
  • Whitman and I had made cookies while the kids were playing so during our tv time we ate cookies. We ended up watching 3 episodes of The Wall. It is a pretty dramatic show and we all did quite a bit of screaming during the show-probably not the best night time tv watching. 

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