January 10, 2017

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  • We were a bit quicker to wake up and scurry around this morning because this was registration day for Whitman to get in Ms. Stacy's class next year. There are only 12 spots in her class and he had to get one-having 5 Dennie kids at home during the day for school will be a big enough change and adding Whitman to the mix would just be overwhelming.
  • Thankfully, the Robby, Keaton and Whitman all made it on time and there was still plenty of room in Stacy's class. Robby had his hands full when walking into school today-Whitman's snack, his registration forms, an egg for Keaton's show and tell and all of their coats. 
  • At home, we were working on school. The kids knew that we had to leave around noon so they did try to get their work accomplished with a little bit less fooling around. At one point, Reagan, Graham and Campbell were all working in my bedroom while I was working with Anderson in there too. I am not sure how well they could concentrate but at least they were quiet. If I was doing school right now at home, I would take my work up to my bed, cover up and go to work but my people never have done that.
  • Jennifer wrote around 11 saying that Whitman had fallen. He hit his head and she sent me a picture of him with an ice bag on it. She also said that Keaton was hugging him-I can just see her taking care of her little brother. One of her little friends doesn't play with her on days that Whitman is at school because he wants to play with them. This bothers her and I try to tell her that she can play with her friend and Whitman can play with his friends but she still wants to play with her brother. (We never could even see where he hit his head so I guess he was just fine.)
  • By noon, we had already finished school and were quickly doing a few chores before heading to Grannymom's house. I had a doctor's appointment at 1 so I dropped the kids off and was back by 2. The kids weren't that happy about me coming back since they were in the middle of eating ice cream.
  • We stayed for a bit longer and then we headed home. The kids played outside for a bit but quickly came inside. They watched some movies and then around 4, they all headed outside until almost 6. When everyone came in, they started their showers and we passed out leftovers from the fridge. Everyone seemed happy with what they had-I was really pleased with my leftover Chinese. And yes, I did quietly stand in the kitchen and eat my Chinese leftovers before offering what was left to the kids because I didn't want to share.
  • Tonight the kids watched a game show before we did our devotional and put everyone in bed. The girls were going to get to color for a bit before bed but the boys didn't even ask to read. I think they must have been a bit sleepy.

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