January 21, 2017

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  • Whitman was in our room before 7 this morning. He must have had to go to the bathroom because he tossed and turned until Robby finally took him. That did calm him down some and he laid quietly until he started asking for a movie.
  • Thankfully by then Campbell was also in our bed and we were able to convince her to go with him to the living room and start a movie. They watched movies until I climbed out of bed to make breakfast.
  • I made cinnamon toast but the kids spotted Robby's pound cake on the cabinet so that was put on the plates too. The kids ate and then they all migrated to their ipads and movies while Robby and I watched the prayer service in D.C.-well, I should probably say that he watched the t.v. and I went back to sleep.
  • Before I knew it, it was time to get everyone ready for our ballgames. Robby fed everyone lunch and then out the door we went. Graham's game was first and his team did really well. Graham only scored 2 points but it is pretty impressive how much the boys have improved in the past few weeks.
  • Then we had a break and the kids walked on the track upstairs some with Grannymom and we had a few snacks. When I watched Anderson's team and his opponents warm up, I was pretty afraid that Anderson's team was going to get beat by a lot. I was half correct-they did get beat. At one point, the score was 1 to 13 but they came back and only lost by 5. Anderson scored the most he has scored before-5 points and 3 of those were free throws.
  • After the games, we came home and the kids had showers while Robby and I heated up our leftovers for supper. They mostly wanted quesadillas and Reagan was the only one who wanted a crispy taco. 
  • We had a few minutes and then we headed to the Wilson's house to watch the basketball game. The hogs won but Shannon's cookies and muffins that she made was the real win. We ate them up-hopefully, she wasn't planning on having many leftovers. 
  • We stayed out until after 10 so when we came home it was time to hurry off to bed. It was still raining a bit which was pretty nice as we went to bed.

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