January 23, 2017

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  • We had just laid down in bed last night when we heard someone walking down the hallway. I froze and tried to lay really still-just in case it was a bad guy. That way he may not see me and just get Robby. Not that I am expecting a bad guy since I knew it was one of the kids but just didn't know which one. It was only Reagan but she did have some bad news-Campbell was sick upstairs.
  • She has a cold and was pretty snotty so I will just have to assume that she was only sick due to that. I grabbed her bedding and brought her downstairs. Robby had made her a pallet by her bed. She laid down and said she was fine and was soon fast asleep (and slept soundly all night long.)
  • Later today, Reagan walked into the room and said that she didn't like when you were sick at night because all I did was ask "are you ok?" over and over again. I laughed and told her that is what I did last night with Campbell and Reagan replied "I know, she told me."
  • This morning we let Campbell sleep for a while and I also let Whitman sleep since Nonna was coming to pick him up around 10. Keaton got ready for school and I worked on untangling her necklace while she found her breakfast. Then Robby and she were off to school and work.
  • We started on school and things went fine. We were a bit distracted since Whitman was home.  Anderson worked with him on counting for a long time-I had muffin tins with numbers written on them for him to put cereal in. He was not going to use his breakfast cereal at all and had to have another bowl of cereal to play my game.
  • Campbell and Graham were the first ones finished this afternoon closely followed by Reagan. Anderson finished must later in the day when I was on the treadmill. That was fine though since we had nothing to do and he took quite a few breaks during the morning and afternoon.
  • We had our lunch and then started on chores. We are still putting up our Christmas gifts-maybe we can just drag it out until Christmas next year! (Kidding, I plan on putting everything up by the end of the month.)
  • The kids ended up outside this afternoon playing with the neighbors. They rode their bikes some but were mostly playing capture the flag in the yard. As soon as Keaton and Whitman drove up with Robby, they hopped out of the car and started to play as well. We let them all stay out until the neighbors had to go home.
  • This evening, I was hugging Whitman and he said to me "I know you love me, but you are squeezing me like play-doh." I was squeezing him like playdoh but he was clean and smelled good from his shower. The kids all had showers and then we had supper-would you believe that we are still eating on Saturday night's Mexican food.
  • After we ate, we did have a slice of pie since today is National Pie Day. Anderson had received a volcano kit for Christmas and we started on it tonight. After pouring the plaster, I started telling the kids about the volcano that we would see in Hawaii. I pulled out the pictures of our trip which was in 2004. Whitman pointed to me and knew who I was so I pointed to Robby and asked who he was. Whitman quickly replied, "that another daddy." It wasn't another daddy, it was just our daddy with hair!
  • Then we settled in the living room to watch Battle Bots before reading our Bible story and bedtime. Hope tonight all my little people will feel good and sleep soundly.

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