January 22, 2017

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  • We are all about using up everything in our fridge and freezer this month so breakfast was a few cinnamon rolls, biscuits and bacon. We had a can of biscuits and one of cinnamon rolls and one alone wasn't enough to feed the crew. After breakfast the kids started getting ready and that went smoothly enough.
  • There was a bit of a crisis when we couldn't find Graham's church jeans. I did eventually find them shoved under his hanging up clothes in his closet along with quite a few others clothes. I am sure those clothes were strategically placed there so they wouldn't have to be hung up. 
  • We again made it to church in time to see the grands before their service started. Then the kids headed off to Sunday school. I had worship care so I missed big church this morning. 
  • Robby had text after church asking if I could pick up Whitman and I wrote him back saying I wasn't sure since we had a room full of kids still. When I was finally done, I decided to walk by his room to just make sure that they had picked him up. I saw someone in the hall and talked as I walked by his room never thinking about him. Before I did leave the preschool area, I did decide to walk back to his room and check and sure enough, he was the last one there. Wonder when we would have remembered him?
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and the kids all liked her brisket but dessert was the favorite by far. After lunch the kids played a few games and then we headed home. Robby and I hung out in the bonus room this afternoon while the kids were downstairs.
  • They were playing with the nerf guns for a long while but eventually started watching movies. When they started coming upstairs asking for their second snack, we decided that we should make supper. We headed up more leftovers which are just about gone. After supper, some folks had showers and others watched another movie.
  • Then we had our Sunday night ice cream truck followed by some American Ninja Warrior. The kids watched the show some but then ended up making their own ninja course with the huge jenga blocks. That did get everyone wild and crazy before bed but I do believe that most everyone is quiet up there right now.

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