January 28, 2017

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  • Only 4 kids here this morning since Whitman woke up at Grannymom's house and Reagan was at Alyssa Kate's birthday party. It is amazing the difference that two less kids make-it was pretty quiet around here. Whitman was quick to get his breakfast himself and the others were especially happy about making their own Saturday breakfast since there are a few more choices-breakfast burritos and pancakes on a stick.
  • Keaton and Campbell did join us in our bed for a few minutes this morning-actually, it was for more than a few minutes. They would come for a while and then go back to the living room. They said that they slept in the same bed last night and decided that they were going to share a bed next time that Reagan was gone for the night. Tonight, they are getting that chance and those little girls are all snug in Campbell's bed tonight. I am not sure if that will last very long but they sure were cute when we tucked them in.
  • This morning I worked on Whitman's oral report for February-yep, we are going to see if he can do one. It will just depend on his mood at the time but we will see. Keaton finished her Valentines with some help from Campbell. I cleaned the dishes and Robby folded the laundry. Basically, it was a fairly productive morning but there was still plenty that we could have accomplished.
  • On the way to the basketball game this afternoon, we picked up the neighbor boys and my boys were thrilled to have buddies watching them play. Graham's team played first and they did great. I believe that this was Graham's highest scoring game with 10 points. At one point, one of Graham's teammates was kind of upset about a call and Graham put his hand out to try to quiet his teammate. 
  • After they won the game, we went to the awards ceremony. The highlight was Graham getting his trophy and he was very proud of it. Next up was Anderson's game and his team was behind by quiet a few but they came back in the end and only lost by 1 point. It was a fun game to watch. Anderson didn't score any but he was all about blocking shots today. 
  • Anderson received his trophy after his game. The boys both had a great time playing ball at Immanuel this season. I think that both of them greatly improved and I am pretty sure that we will be playing their next year.
  • On the way home, we bought gas, dropped off the neighbors and then spied someone moving into the skinny window house. The For Sale sign is still up and the web doesn't say that it is under contract. They moved in a fridge and a dresser and now light are on over there. Hmm, it is all very interesting but we might just be getting new neighbors.
  • We were home for about 45 minutes and then we turned around and headed to the McGuires for supper with them and the Penningtons. Amber had baked potatoes, chili and all of the fixings. Camryn had made a chocolate chip pound cake and it was very delicious. The kids were all good so we were able to talk with adults. It seems like everyone is at the age where we can just let them do their own thing and it is pretty nice.
  • Reagan is spending the night with the McGuires and Whitman was a bit upset about leaving her-or he was just exhausted from our busy day. Either way, after fussing while getting in the car, he was silently asleep when we made it home. I lugged him upstairs while Robby helped the others get into the pajamas and climb into bed. 

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