January 9, 2017

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  • Monday mornings are just so hard to get up and get going. We managed though but not with the greatest of attitudes. Whitman was the first one in our room and we were able to snuggle him for a bit before it really was time for us to get moving.
  • He was not happy that I could not find any of his undies this morning. I could find plenty but not any of his boxer briefs that he loves.  Finally, we thought of the one pair that was in the dryer so he put those on and the crisis was averted. Though I remember him holding all of his underwear the other day when he was getting dressed but who knows where he put it.
  • Robby took Keaton to school and Whitman headed to Nonna's house. She had a big day learning about the letter E and Whitman enjoyed taking his magna doodle to Nonna's house. He is all about writing words on it lately-probably if we would really work on it, he could be reading before kindergarten.
  • Back at home, we worked on school. Mondays are always more difficult because people quickly get out of the school routine. The kids did enjoy me putting a heater in the school room but that didn't really help them get anything accomplished more quickly. Maybe tomorrow will be a bit better.
  • We did our science and history and then had lunch. I did make everyone finish their chores before they could go back and finish their school work. Any school work that is left for the afternoon usually takes about half the time to do as it would have in the morning time. 
  • I climbed on the treadmill and it took me 2 whole hours to walk for 45 minutes. Nonna brought home Keaton and Whitman. Then I had at least 20 interruptions. At one time I wondered if I was even doing myself any good-walking for 2 minutes and then having to get off to settle a dispute or get a snack over and over again.
  • When Robby made it home, I already had supper in the oven. Then I helped pass out supper and quickly headed out the door to meet my Bible study group at Tazikis. We ate and had a grand ole time. 
  • Meanwhile, back at the house the kids watched a movie before going to bed. Robby said that they were pretty mellow tonight which was nice. When I did come home, I went upstairs to tell everyone good night.  The kids were all anxious to tell me all about the movie that they watched-they had had a pretty good night.

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