January 4, 2017

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  • This was our first day back at Bible study and we were up, even up on time but we still had to scurry around to get ourselves ready. The boys were already awake and dressed. Robby had to try and try to get Reagan and Campbell out of bed (they have started staying up late talking each night and were pretty exhausted.)
  • We were pretty anxious to wake Whitman up since I was pretty sure that his eye was going to by matted up. Thankfully, they looked fine-though all around his eyes is pretty red. We asked about his ear and he said it didn't hurt anymore. So we took that as a good thing and since he was acting like he was feeling fine, he was dressed and sent on to Bible study.
  • We left a bit later than usual but still made it there on time. There are about 3 different ways that I drive to Bible study depending on my mood and Reagan has decided that we need to time each route to see which is the quickest way to go-except we didn't remember that until we were almost there this morning.
  • Bible study was good as usual and afterwards we went with our buddies to Rock Creek. The kids played while the moms talked. Reagan ended up going home with Kennedy when we went home so I was down one all afternoon. Though I did ask the boys were she was once during the afternoon.
  • The afternoon flew by with some treadmill time for me and when I wasn't doing that, I was trying to empty out the freezer-snack was from the freezer, tonight's supper was from the freezer, tomorrow's supper will be from the freezer. Operation clean out the pantry and freezer has begun.
  • Soon it was time to head to church for our Wednesday night activities. Everyone had a good time and Whitman went back to his class after his break during the fall. I think that he was good so maybe I will take him back next week. 
  • Once at home, Robby had a snack ready for us and then the kids were back in bed-Graham just came down saying that he thought he saw a fox outside. I tried to see it but it must have gone away and I think that I can still hear those girls above me talking!

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