January 26, 2017

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  • Robby woke Keaton and Whitman up this morning and by the time that they came downstairs, Keaton was already dressed and they were headed to pick out Whitman’s school clothes.  
  • Once they were dressed, we started eating our breakfast. Robby took the littles to school and the rest of us started on our schoolwork for the morning. It was a fairly quiet morning which seems to be pretty rare these days.
  • When school was over, Robby picked Keaton and Whitman up. He said that Whitman was not too happy to see him since he had thought that it was Grannymom day. He walked in the door looking all pouty and pitiful, which seems to be the norm!
  • I made lunch and then everyone had a blondie for dessert. Robby and I made some late, late the other night-they were good but really too sweet. Then Anderson set up his volcano to erupt. Everyone enjoyed watching it explode and most everyone played with vinegar and baking soda for a bit.
  • We then startred on chores but I before I knew it, Whitman, Graham, Campbell and Keaton were playing happily upstairs. I had to make a choice to stop them and have them do chores or to let them keep playing happily upsairs.  I am sure that you guessed which one I picked.
  • The afternoon went by pretty quickly-the kids playted outside most of the time. They did ask to go exploring in the woods and we agreed. This did not set well with Whitman because I wouldn’t let him go. He cried and cried. I tried to tell him that he could come in and help me cook or to watch a movie. He told me that he was going outside and going into the woods.  Bless, poor child. He really thought I was going to let him go on a stroll in the woods by himself-he was bitterly disappointed!
  • We then had spaghetti for supper-it was a hit since we had sausage in it. Afterwards, I ran out the door with Keaton, Campbell and the basketball boys. I actually ran out the door so fast that I forgot my phone. I had a long list of things to do tonight during practice and none of it was I able to do. I even left my water in the car which made my even more sour.
  • Back at the house, Reagan and Whitman had showers and waited on us to come home. Whitman ended up going to bed before we made it home so he missed his bedtime snack. Soon afterwards, it was bedtime for our people.

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