January 8, 2017

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  • Since the church service that the grands all go to has been moved up 15 minutes, we have had to change our Sunday morning wake up times. We all rose a bit earlier-Robby made cinnamon rolls which helped with this process.
  • Everyone was dressed and ready when we started asking them to get in the car. Then there was quite a bit of commotion because Robby had earlier started the car with the garage door open just a bit. People started shouting "open the garage," "turn the car off," "the garage is broken," and "we not going to be able to breathe." I guess that I have done an excellent job explaining to the kids about carbon monoxide-now I can mark that off my list of motherly duties.
  • We made it to church in time to see the grands and then the kids went on to Sunday school. Robby and I sat in the first service for a few minutes and then headed on to our 3rd grade class. We did Sunday school and then time for the new big church. It was quite different indeed.
  • Then on to Grannymom's house to celebrate my birthday. I had picked Mexican food for our meal and everyone seemed to enjoy it. After we all ate and sang Happy Birthday to me (twice), I opened presents-a target gift card, snow boots and a game (Ticket to Ride-which I can't convince Robby to play with me tonight.)
  • When we came home, the kids played and watched some movies while Robby and I had a short nap. When we did get up, we had Friday's leftovers with a little extra sauce added to it. It will be a meal that will never end for us-can eat on it the next 17 days.
  • Then everyone picked up the house for a few minutes and put on pjs. Next we all settled down to watch a Ninja Warrior before bedtime. We did let the big kids read for a bit-Reagan's Sunday school offered some pretty big rewards for reading the Bible and so she was gung ho to start reading. 

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