January 1, 2017-Happy New Year!

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  • I am sure that you are in the edge of your seats waiting for our New Year's resolutions but you will have to wait one more day. I have worked on how well we did from last year but the kids haven't yet made theirs. We will do it tomorrow.
  • No one had any trouble going to sleep last night after our late, late night. We all slept most of the night long but again this morning Keaton was sick. It was a bit more to clean up this time but after all was clean, she was sound asleep in our bedroom. 
  • She woke up just fine and her first words to us were that she was going to sneak out and see who all was awake. Even though church was not until 11, we still had to hurry around to make it there on time.
  • Whitman walked right into his classroom this morning, saw that he didn't know his teachers and walked right back out. Things could have gotten ugly pretty quickly but I talked to him and that sweet angel did walk right in and started playing with the toys. I was ever so relieved.
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house. As soon as we ate, we started working on a 3D puzzle of the Capitol that Jason and I worked as kids. We had left most of it together so we were almost able to complete it before we had to head home. We also walked through Beebee's house to see if there was anything that we wanted-I have some dishes, a mirror and table. Graham was quick to find a pocketknife, Campbell found some pillows and a rolling pin and Keaton grabbed some fake flowers.
  • Then we went back home for a few while-long enough for us to have a nap on this dreary Sunday afternoon. The kids watched a few movies beforee we headed on to Grannymom's house for supper.
  • She had black eyed peas and hog jowl for us to eat. The kids played a few games and poor Whitman and Keaton were not happy about us having to leave but by the time that we made it home, they were both sound asleep. Keaton woke up when I was trying to get her out of the car but Whitman didn't wake up until after I had put on his pajamas and was walking out of his room. He asked for me to turn on his traffic signal and snuggled down in his bed.
  • The rest of us watched a few baking shows before tucking everyone in tonight. Hopefully, my Keaton and everyone else will sleep all night long tonight!

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