January 7, 2017

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  • Last night I was very clear about the kids not bothering us this morning and letting us sleep in and kI guess we did get to sleep a bit longer than yesterday. Even though we were awake, we were in no hurry to get out of the bed. We stayed as long as we could.
  • Robby eventually made a yummy breakfast for those that waited. We had told the kids that they could eat what he cooked or get their own. Graham and Campbell were the only ones that waited and they did make a very big deal about how yummy his biscuits, sausages and eggs were. 
  • After we ate, we did get started on our morning-laundry, dishes, cleaning the kitchen, treadmill and showers. Even though the boys games had been delayed by an hour, we were having to hurry to get there on time.
  • Graham's game was first and his team did really well today. Graham made a few baskets and each time he did, we would all cheer and holler and he would just grin. Cutest thing ever. Then we had an hour break. Robby took the girls and Whitman to the store to pick up a few items-though they convinced him to buy lots of extras-jello, cinnamon bread, m&ms, apple juice, just to name a few.
  • Then it was Anderson's turn. His coach was out of town and I just have to assume that was his team's problem today though the other team never ever seemed to miss a basket. Anderson did good but never made a basket. 
  • Win or lose, we still celebrated with PeiWei for supper. Robby let me pick which ever Chinese I wanted and that is just always a favorite of mine. We went to the new one and it was a pretty relaxing dinner. On they way home, I ran into the Kroger to buy our needed refrigerated items that Robby couldn't get earlier in the day.
  • Then it was back home for showers for all followed by one episode of the baking show before bed. The kids are in bed but it doesn't sound like they are tired at all. 

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