January 3, 2017

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  • Well, again we had a 2:30 visitor. I was a bit disgusted with needing to wake up early this morning so I just put him in bed with us. I figured we only had 4 more hours to sleep so why not do so uncomfortably. Though we did sleep pretty will since we still missed that 6:30 alarm by a bit.
  • The kids were up this morning-we did have to wake Reagan up. Everyone had time to eat breakfast (burritos) at the bar this morning before Keaton and Whitman headed off to school and before everyone else headed off to their desks.
  • Our school day went fairly well this morning-it did help that everyone had already done over an hour of school the past few days. This also makes me kind of worried about how school will go on Thursday when we have not done a bit of extra school.
  • Before we had lunch we did have a ping pong tournament. Reagan was the winner and the boys were pretty rotten losers. Campbell and I didn't seem to be too upset about losing though since we knew that lunch was coming.
  • After we had our lunch, the kids helped me with a few chores. Anderson and Campbell did help me reorganize the game closet-I had asked them to take all of the games off of the shelves and they did that-except they spilled most of them on the floor. 
  • When chores (and that game mess) were finally picked up the kids headed outside. The neighbors weren't out so the kids didn't last too long. They bounced from inside and outside all afternoon long.
  • Keaton and Whitman spent the afternoon at Grannymom's house and by the time they made it home, they were exhausted. We had our supper and then everyone went outside for a final few minutes.
  • The kids did come in and start showers before watching some of the Razorback game. Whitman seems to have a cold in his eye and as we were looking at him, we noticed he kept touching his ear. When we asked him about it, he said that he was trying to get something out of it (same thing he said last ear infection.) That might explain the last few nights-argh! 
  • An early bedtime for the kids tonight since we were still trying to get back into a routine around here.

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