January 30, 2017

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  • When I walked by the living room this morning, I said "where are my boys?" and Graham and Anderson were quick to shove Whitman's little head down so I wouldn't see him. I still knew that he was between his brothers and gave him a 5 minute warning before he had to put on his clothes. I think they wanted him to stay home with them today.
  • Keaton was ready to head to school today since she had a bottle of vanilla and a shirt with a valentine on it. I guess you might have figured out that this week is V day in her class. She was quick to put on her clothes and head down to pick out her breakfast.
  • They ate their breakfast in the car while the rest of us started on our breakfast and then headed to the school room. Anderson started right on his school work when he woke up and still made some time for his ipad before the day started. This bit of head start helped that boy out tremendously...he was the first one to finish school and of course he made sure that everyone knew about it.
  • We had our lunch and then started on chores. Amber told me that if her kids didn't complete a chore well then they had to correct that chore but were also given another chore to do. That was a wonderful idea and just learning that I was going to implement this helped my crew do their chores with excellence.
  • After we finished chores, I jumped on the treadmill for a bit. When I finished, Keaton and Whitman were arriving from Nonna and Pops' house. They had a fun afternoon playing and reading. When they left, the kids stayed in for a minute and then I kicked them out of the house.
  • Reagan was none too pleased with me but I didn't care since they needed to get out and play. The neighbors soon came out to play and the kids weren't ready to come in when the neighbors were called home. 
  • Once the yard was picked back up, we all loaded up to go and pick up pizzas. The kids ate in the car while I ran into Walmart and Sams to pick up a few things. Once at home, everyone had showers and then a snack before bed. The kids did earn an early bedtime tonight which made our evening pretty quiet-and nice!

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