January 25, 2017

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  • Wednesday morning and I did wake up a bit earlier than usual so that helped quite a bit. Whitman was in our room pretty early asking for his snack and milk but I could already tell by his breath that he had been in the cheerios. I went to help him and he was quick to say "sorry Mommy" when we walked into the kitchen. I was worried that it was the milk on the floor that hew as apologizing for but it was just a few cheerios so soon he was back on the couch with his brothers eating his breakfast.
  • I had to wake the girls up this morning, as usual, but soon they were downstairs with their clothes on and were working on their hair. One thing that is not my strong point is doing hair-I hardly do my own and don't even know how to French braid. So when I look around at my 3 girls all wanting me to put their hair up, I can quickly become overwhelmed. I am just thankful that all they want is ponytails-they must know that is all I can do.
  • I heated up my Wednesday morning bagel and we headed on to Bible study. My exit was closed so we had to drive a bit further to get there which panicked the kids. They were worried that I didn't know the way and that we would be late. Surprisingly, I did know the way and we were not late at all. 
  • I just love watching the kids run off to their classes in Bible study each morning. Their teachers are so sweet and wonderful with them. When Bible study was over, we headed to a park to play for a bit. 
  • The kids didn't seem to mind the chilly wind and it was fine in the sun. They ate and played but most everyone spent their time swinging and jumping out of the swings. The moms had little time to talk since we were so busy chasing and pushing kids on the swings.
  • This afternoon, I told the kids that they were to wake me up after they watched two movies so I could get their snack. They were fairly quiet while I snoozed but as soon as the credits started rolling on their movie they were ready for their snack and quickly woke me up.
  • I pulled out next month's school work, cleaned the pottys, made a Valentine box and hung some hearts up and by the time I had finished with all if this, it was time to start working on supper. Thankfully, we had some frozen Chinese food so I cooked that along with leftover rice (yep, still from Friday night.)
  • I did have Whitman write his name for me today and that little guys did great. I had to tell him that the "t" was a cross, that "m" had two bumps and "n" was just one bump. 
  • By the time that supper was over, it was time to load up for church tonight. The kids all went to their classes, Robby went to a meeting for the preteens and I went to my class-crafts with the preschoolers. After church tonight, the kids did grab 3 cupcakes which they graciously split with their siblings.  "Graciously" is word I use loosely since there was no one happy about having to share. We then rushed home for showers and snacks before bedtime. Whitman was so tired on the way home that he fell asleep and was put right into his bed-Wednesdays are long days! 

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