January 27, 2017

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  • Friday morning and I had no intentions of getting things started early this morning. It was still before 8 when everyone was pouring their cereal and heating up their poptarts. We were able to start on school at the normal time and things went pretty swell.
  • Whitman spent most of the morning playing with playdoh but whenever anyone wanted to work with him (Campbell helped him match letters, Keaton read a story to him) he was ready. I think he loves to be read to more than any of the others. 
  • Since this was our fourth day of school this week, no one had to spelling so that made our morning a bit shorter. I did have to do spelling with Graham since he was a bit behind yesterday and we postponed it until today. Reagan was the first one finished this morning and she went to town reading the Bible. Her Sunday school class is giving out prizes for reading their Bible and she is going to town.
  • We had lunch and then everyone started on their chores. Whitman and Reagan both had to pack for their night out-he spent the night at Grannymom's house and Reagan headed out to a birthday party. 
  • We had mostly finished picking up downstairs when Grannymom and Grandpa came over to pick up Whitman. He was ready to go and couldn't wait to leave us. The boy was pretty cute with his coat and backpack on and bear hanging out of the backpack. 
  • After they left, we finished our chores and Anderson quickly finished his school. Then it was Valentine central with Campbell and Anderson finishing theirs (Keaton and Whitman will do theirs tomorrow hopefully). 
  • Most of Reagan's afternoon was spent decorating the van since I was the chauffeur tonight for Alyssa Kate's party. After dropping her off at the party, Heather and I ran a few errands and then picked the girls and Candace up. We went to Kroger and had a scavenger hunt there-it was pretty fun. My team didn't win since we couldn't find Naan bread quickly enough but we were in second place.
  • Robby and the others all had supper at home and then watched a movie until I came home. They went to bed-each room was missing someone so it was pretty quiet upstairs.   

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