January 20, 2017

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  • I was the shower last night when Robby came to tell me that Keaton was sick upstairs. He headed up there and said that she had been sick but was very upset. By the time I was dried off, she was downstairs and I made her a pallet beside her bed. She calmed down some and was asleep before I was. I must not have moved at all last night trying to listen to her but she slept all night long. I guess that she just has a tender stomach.
  • Before Robby left for work this morning, he turned on the tv and most everyone joined us to watch the inauguration day coverage. We grabbed breakfast and headed back to my room. I let the kids watch a bit but then told them that they needed to bring their school work and work while we watched history.
  • We had already done a bit of school yesterday so we were a bit ahead. I did let the kids pass on doing science and history-we were already watching history happen. I don't remember watching 4 years ago and am not really sure why I didn't watch with the kids then. I guess Reagan was just in the 1st grade, Anderson in kindergarten, Graham in preK, Campbell a toddler, Keaton would have been 1 and I was pregnant with Whitman-I do understand why I didn't watch 4 years ago, I was just trying to survive!
  • The kids had a zillion questions about everything that was happening and who was who. It was just all so interesting-all of the pomp and circumstance. I turned off the tv for lunch and didn't turn it back on again-we probably missed something.
  • We had our lunch and then everyone stared on their chores. Chores took a long while since my 3 big kids spent some time in bed-they were fooling around and not working. I sent them to their room while Keaton, Campbell and I finished downstairs. Afterwards, I finally let them out to help with the rest of the house and their behavior was much better.
  • The rest of the afternoon went by quickly. When I did come downstairs from the treadmill, the neighbors were over and everyone was playing inside. They played for a good while and then the neighbors went home just as Whitman had put on his shoes to go out and play. I told the kids that they could stay outside and play with him or come in and help me out. The boys chose to stay out and play with their brother. They were sweet watching out for their baby brother and took turns pushing him on the swing.
  • The Wilson's came over for supper-Mexican. There were quesadillas, nachos, tacos, beans and rice. We also had apple pie, oreo pie and ice cream for dessert and the kids were able to play for a while. 
  • When they headed home, my people headed to bed after a bit. We cleaned the kitchen and then watched some tv before bedtime! 

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