December 30, 2017

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  • Whitman came into our room this morning at 7 or was it 8? But then we never heard anyone for a very long time. I think that they were all in the bonus room watching a movie. Keaton was the late sleeper today. Everyone has really enjoyed sleeping late these last few weeks and all of that is definitely coming to an end. Church tomorrow is late, Monday is the holiday, Tuesday should be the day we start school but Whitman is still off so maybe we will do a tad bit, but on Wednesday we have Bible study so that will be the first day that we have to wake up and start moving.
  • After the dishes this morning, there was one load of laundry to fold and soon another one was ready. We also washed the boys sheets and blankets which was 3 loads. We should wash all of their sheets more often but gracious, it is a bit overwhelming. I did add it to the kids chore list to help me with it-we will see how well all of that happens.
  • I did meet Anderson upstairs to work on his Lego thing today. This is the big lego piece that he bought last year with all of his birthday returns. I think that it will be easier to put together than the other one, but we did hit a few pages today where we had to search and find every single piece on the page. 
  • By noon, we picked up and I had everyone do a few chores. I didn't understand why the boys were working so hard and fast until I was reminded that it was basketball time. The boys watched most of the game but near the end, I was in the kitchen and the living room became pretty rowdy. Anderson and Graham were standing in front of the tv calling the Hogs, Campbell and Keaton were cheering with their pom poms and Reagan and Whitman were wrestling (not everyone can be Hog fans.) We all watched the end of the game together in the living room and cheered on the Hogs.
  • Robby and the big boys went to the Wilson's house to help Tony with some building. While he was gone, I put my little helpers to good use, and we reorganized my pantry in Robby's office. It had become pretty cluttered, and we made it shiny and new. Now, I should have probably moved right on and worked on my real pantry, but we will save that for another day.
  • When we had finished that project, I played a few games with the kids and then Campbell made 2 batches of cornbread for tonight. The chili was already heating up in the crockpot. The Wilson's came over for supper and after supper, Shannon watched Robby make her cookies. And gracious, even with her watching, our cookies just don't turn out as well as hers. Maybe we just need to find our own special recipe.
  • Robby and Tony worked on plans to revamp our fireplace while the kids played a game and watched a movie. After they all left, we picked up and the kids headed to bed. I had left Whitman's tent up one more day thinking that he would sleep in it again. Tonight though when he was brushing his teeth, he told us that he wanted to sleep with his brothers and climbed into his bed. Before I could finish explaining the stock market (yep, seriously) to the boys, Whitman was sound asleep.

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