March 21, 2018-Branson Adventure #1

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We woke up before the sun came up, and Robby and I quickly decided that we weren't designed to rise before the sun rises. The kids, however, were on the go while we were still laying in the bed. By the time that I was ready, the kids were all dressed and finished packing.

The kids had their breakfasts and as soon as they had finished, it was time to load up and put shoes on. Everyone helped out-my Graham is starting to really think about how he can help. The Wilsons arrived a few minutes early while we were still running around like crazy in the house.

Soon we were all loaded up and pulling out of the garage right on time. We picked up Tony and left their car at the Heart Hospital, and then headed on up to Branson. It didn't take too long before we were pulling out all of the goodies that we had packed to eat. I do think that before 9, we had eaten cookies, rice krispy treats, trail mix and cheese, meat and crackers. It might not have been 9, but it was way too early to be snacking!

And snack we did all the way to Branson. We stopped at Fergusons, and Shannon and I jumped out of the car to buy cinnamon rolls for everyone. All of my people had a half while we zoomed on down the road. It didn't take too many turns before Keaton said she didn't feel great. We cranked up the air and brought her to the front of the car by Shannon and me. She soon was chattering away feeling much better. The air wasn't on since it is kind of chilly so that combined with the curves probably did briefly get to her little tummy.

We had one potty stop on the way, and before we knew it, we were entering the gates of Silver Dollar City. In the parking lot, we could tell that it would be crowded today. It was so crowded that we saw quite a few folks that we knew (though the Wilsons saw many more folks they knew.) The Atwoods, who live between us and the Wilsons, parked right beside us. Once we had unloaded and bundled up, we hiked to the entrance.

Even though it has been two or three years since we have been to Silver Dollar City, Robby hiked right to Fire in the Hole where we jumped in line. Everyone loved Fire in the Hole, and off we went to the next stop. I think that we then went to Wildfire for the big kids to ride. We tried to get Campbell on it, but she would have none of that, and I certainly don't blame her. They had a blast on that crazy roller coaster.

Next up was Outlaw for the same big ones. They rode it twice and while they were on it, Keaton, Whitman, Campbell, Robby and I went to the log ride. We rode it once and then met up with the big kids before another log ride. From there, I believe that we stopped for a bite of lunch since it was after 1. We had a fry bread BBQ sandwich and the skillet meal. I didn't get any of the BBQ, but the kids weren't too crazy about that bread. The skillet meal, which I have always wanted to eat, was delicious. We then walked by the cinnamon bread place. Even though we really wanted some, we passed and moved on.

The swings were next for Campbell on up. Keaton needed an adult to go with her so I drew the short straw. Round and round make Robby and I nauseous since we have gotten old, but it bothers Robby more than me. The others had to wait in the single rider line, but Keaton and I walked right on since we had to ride in a double swing. We finished that ride in time to join Whitman on the frogs followed by the firefly ride.

The others then went to the pirate ship, and Whitman, Keaton and I went to the Dumbo type ride. From there, we walked through Grandfather's Mansion. Then Campbell on up rode a wet ride. I tried to tell everyone that it was a poor idea to get wet on a cold day, but they disagreed. Despite their soaking wetness when they walked off, they enjoyed every bit of it. 

We had one last ride before we left-Thunderation. I rode with Whitman, and he did wonderful, loving every minute of it. Robby had promised Campbell that he would ride a ride with her so Keaton rode with Ms. Shannon. At one point, I looked back and tears were just streaming down Keaton's face. Shannon was trying to calm her down but bless, she would have none of it. It was pitiful! We have talked up riding that ride tomorrow again, and it sounds like she has agreed to ride it with Robby. Hopefully so and hopefully she will enjoy it more when she knows what to expect. 
We took a few pictures and then headed out of the park and headed towards Lamberts. Tony, Shannon, Keaton and Campbell waited in line for us while we ran to Walmart to get Whitman some new shoes. About every 4th step he would take, his shoes would come unvelcroed, and I couldn't handle that tomorrow. Reagan, Whitman and I ran through that store. Reagan found the shoes while I tried them on his feet. As soon as we found the pair, we ran (I walked, Reagan hustled, Whitman ran) to the bottled water and then paid. By the time we made it back, Tony was calling that our table was ready. 

Some of my kids have been to Lamberts, but none remember it. The kids were all at one table, and they LOVED it. For starters, they all had their own drink and not water. The drinks are served in these huge, I mean huge, cups. Then they started throwing the rolls. Keaton was thrown the first roll of the kids, and her eyes just lit up when she caught that roll. Even Whitman got in on the act, asking for a roll every time the people came by. Everyone had their own plate of food and Nonna would be proud-Anderson even asked for a to-go box. He put a few things in his box though I am sure there was enough food not eaten on their table to feed a small country. And Campbell, my girl, filled her to go box up full of rolls!

It was definitely an experience, one that my kids loved. We did the Dixie Stampede last year, and honestly, they probably enjoyed Lamberts just as much. Afterwards, we drove back to Branson and stopped at Hurts Donuts. They had all kinds of crazy donuts there. Even though we were crazy full, we still all had one donut. Most everyone ate only half and we might snack on them tomorrow. From there, it was just a short drive to the hotel. Our room has 3 bedrooms so we are all spread out tonight, but just for a little bit because we need to be at Silver Dollar City right when it opens tomorrow.  

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