December 31, 2018-Happy New Year's Eve!

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  • The morning seems like such a long time ago that I am having a hard time remembering exactly what all we did. It is coming back to me now-we had planned to wake up early to start on organizing my pantry. 
  • When I did wake up, I took everything out of the pantry and started putting a few things back in. I didn't have too long because I soon had to leave to pick up Reagan. She had spent the night with a friend. 
  • On the way home, we stopped by the library. Then headed straight home, and on the way home, Reagan chatted the entire time telling me all about the party. Once home. Robby and I finished up the pantry moving on to the fridge, freezer and snack cabinet. 
  • We had heard that it was receipt day at one Chick Fil A so we headed there. (Receipt day means that you bring your receipt back on a certain day next month, and you receive your meal for free.) We picked up lunch for everyone and brought it back home. 
  • On the way, we did stop to buy some Nyquil cough medicine. Campbell and Graham are still coughing at night-no fever or anything else that would make me want to take them to the doctor just yet. Now, Anderson did mention today that his ear hurts when he yawns. I told him to report back on that ear tomorrow-not that I really want to start on reaching my deductible tomorrow.
  • We ate our lunches, and then everyone helped with the chores around the house. The girls cleaned out under their beds as the boys had done the other day. There was laundry and dishes-kind of nice having everyone help out a bit around here. Tomorrow we really should do some cleaning and not just straightening.
  • This afternoon Keaton made her brownie dessert for tonight. Campbell made cake pops with her new cake pop maker for tonight. This took what seemed like forever, but she loved every minute of it, really I did too. Finally, Reagan worked on her brownies to take to her party tonight.
  • This afternoon-well, really it was around 5 that we ran back to Chick Fil A to buy desserts for everyone. The Heltz were there and we brought Alyssa home with us. Soon Kennedy was here and the girls' jumped in the car with her to head to their first New Year's Eve party.
  • I made soup for our supper while Robby made some desserts to help our celebration. The Heltz came over for a bit, and the kids enjoyed playing and eating. Whitman and Michael even played together some throwing snowballs at each other. 
  • They left before we ran in the New Year's since Candice had to work in the morning. That gave my crew time to pick up, take their medicine and put on their pjs before w played a game. We played Left, Right, Center with everyone. Graham was out of the game early but ended up still winning the pot of quarters.
  • We finished just as it was time to ring in the New Year. We counted down with the tv and rang in the New Year with hats and blowers. As soon as the ball dropped, Robby had to leave to pick up the girls from their party. Once they were home, they headed straight upstairs to head to bed-possibly! I am about to go and check. 
  • Tomorrow we will work on our Dennie family resolutions and most excitingly (and laughable), we will recap the resolutions that we made for 2018.

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