March 10, 2019

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  • Despite time change, everyone woke up fairly well this morning. Robby was actually up and dressed before I rolled out of bed. My first stops were waking up the boys and then the girls since none of them were awake. 
  • When I went in the boys room, I saw Graham and Whitman sound asleep right by each other in the middle of the floor. They were the cutest things ever. I thought about going downstairs to grab my camera, but that was all the way down the stairs so I didn't do that, I just went ahead and put toothpaste on all of the toothbrushes.
  • Right before we left for church, Keaton told me that her stomach hurt. By the time we were in the car, she was crying saying that her stomach still hurt. I even thought she looked a bit pale to me. She even went to sleep on the way to church. She does have such a tender tummy, but we would have to assume that she was somehow worried about singing in church. 
  • I told her that I would go upstairs with her and she didn't have to sing if she didn't want to but we needed to go and watch Campbell. I was pretty sure she would get better since she usually perks up quickly after her tummy does hurt. Now, I was also prepared and had a walmart bag read to go for her in my bag. 
  • After a bit of sitting with a bunch of girls, Keaton was soon fine. When the choir leader asked everyone to sit on their benches, she told me she was fine and left with her buddies. I walked over with the choir kiddos and watched Campbell and Keaton sing. They did great-well, I am sure that Campbell really did great, but I was too busy watching Keaton for any signs that she was about to hurl!
  • Once the girls finished singing, we headed back downstairs to our service. Then we had Sunday school before heading to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. Instead of lunch though we had breakfast. Nonna and Pops had made a huge breakfast spread. There was tons of different options and everyone left full.
  • Once we left their house, we came home for just a little bit. I did have about a 15 minute nap before leaving to meet Robby. He had left a few minutes earlier to take Cash's trailer back, pick Cash up and meet me at Third Realm. 
  • You would think that my crew would balk at going there 7 days in a row, however they didn't complain at all. It did help that Cash was going with them today. Anderson and Whitman have been playing Minecraft lately so they have become pretty good buds. When they were leaving, Whitman said that he was going to ask Anderson if he could stay with him the whole time.
  • I had to go back to church for a meeting while Robby finished up the jumping. Reagan's life group was cancelled since quite a few kiddos couldn't come. By the time that I made it home, Robby and Reagan were making cookie dough for a snack and everyone had already taken their showers.
  • We eventually had supper and then topped our supper off with lots of cookie dough. We are still getting used to our new tv system so it took a bit to find a few shows to watch but we were able to watch a few different shows so that was a plus. I don't think that the kids were too tired at bedtime tonight since time change, but that didn't matter to me!

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