March 7, 2019

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  • I have always loved Thursdays and today was a no different. It was even raining to make our morning a bit more pleasant-I think the kids are always calmer during the rain. Robby said that it looked like a buffet when he walked through my bedroom on his way to work. 
  • The kids ate as we read. Then they started on their school for the day. The day seemed to go fairly fast. At one point, Campbell even commented that I was finishing quickly today. I did finish cleaning up my piles and area before lunch.
  • I did print out the kids school for next week today. It does seem that we are only going to get one day of school in and just a little bit on two other days. I will say that I get a bit excited each time I look at their school right now, because every single week someone has finished something. Don't get me wrong, my big 3 will be working on their writing until the end of May but things are getting easier for them (and me) each week.
  • Everyone ate their lunch and then started on chores. We did some more reading before it was time to load up to head to PE. All of our buddies were there too and most of the kiddos said that Third Realm today was the best part of their day. 
  • Once we made it home, we had a bit of time before Robby came home and we started on our supper. Robby made biscuits and gravy. I had taco soup. Some folks had chicken nuggets. Some had ham and cheese croissant and even one had a hamburger. If you hadn't guessed already, it was clean out the fridge night. 
  • For dessert, we again had leftovers-sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and banana bread that I had made this afternoon for Graham. As we waited for bedtime, we watched a few game shows until it was time to for bed for this crew.

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