March 30, 2019-Happy 6th Birthday (Party) Whitman!

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  • I must have been tired from sleeping at the Nutrition Center because I woke up at 9 this morning. I don't think that Robby had been awake for that long because he was just baking his Saturday biscuits and gravy. We were supposed to have some soccer practices this morning but they cancelled those last night because of the impending rain.
  • We went right to work on birthday party preparations. There were "torches" to make, laundry to fold and cabinets to clean this morning.
  • Then Robby and I ran to the grocery store, Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart. Grocery store for sugar, Bed Bath and Beyond for a meat cleaver and Walmart for Tylenol (my Anderson was still fever-y).
  • Once at home, I went to work on my Minecraft cake while Robby chopped to death our 12 pounds of meat that Tony had smoked for us. He chopped and chopped-I was pulling bits of meat out of my hair. I did try to make sure that he didn't get any meat in my cake which was as easy as it could be.
  • Campbell and Keaton were all about helping get things ready for the birthday party so I used them to the fullest extent. When Campbell brought Whitman's balloons downstairs, he shouted, "you got me balloons?" He would have finished the day with a smile just because of those balloons.
  • Robby then took Keaton, Campbell and Whitman to Third Realm. Cash and Graham were already there. The lady had given Robby a bracelet to jump, so he just put on a pair of socks and jumped away. Well, actually, he jumped off the big drop thing and jumped long enough to decide that he was old!
  • While they were gone, I made another pan of brownies, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and pulled out Reagan's school for next week. I still have everyone else's school to do, but thankfully there is tomorrow.
  • Once Robby and the others were home, we were pretty much ready for the party so I covered up with a blanket and snoozed for about 20 minutes. Then it was crunch time. The meat was in the oven along with the beans. 
  • Everyone started arriving right around 6-Jason, Grannymom and Grandpa, Nonna and Pops, the Heltz, Powells and Kamps. Whitman was delighted with all of his friends being there and so were we. We ate first and we had quite a bit of food! Everything had a Minecraft label which was fun for me to figure out-basically our meal was bbq and all of the fixings. 
  • After we ate, the littles, along with Anderson who is a good sport, played Pin the Tail on the Minecraft Pig. Reagan helped me make the pig the other day. Then it was present time. The boy was so thrilled with opening his mini fridge, magnets, backpacks, lots of food for his fridge, art supplies, a blanket and a ton of other things. He could not have been happier.
  • Next up was a game to find the Minecraft ingredients to make a cake. After we found those from a ton of Easter eggs upstairs, then all of the kids ran downstairs to eat cake-except our cake wasn't cake but rice krispy treats and brownies. 
  • Everyone ate cake and then eventually started leaving. My kiddos were great to help clean up. Keaton couldn't wait to organize Whitman's presents. Afterwards, everyone had their showers and explored Whitman's presents. While Campbell was eating some of Whitman's candy, one of her teeth fell out-that is the third Dennie in less than 2 weeks to lose a tooth. The tooth fairy is going to have to get a second job!

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